Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Nature has its own rewards

Nature has its own rewards like the quilting and colour I found in three different pieces of wood (Camphor).

These 3 are approximately 5in dia and between 1/2in to 3/4in high. I am hoping those who receive them will enjoy what nature has created.

I have to thank Tom Cattell and David Laird from the OTGA for the wood and tom for the Cole Jaws he made for me.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Colourful Camphor

A thin walled lidded box with a finial of Peppermint Gum approx 150 dia x 90 h finished with a friction polish.

I enjoyed doing this one as its so unusual matching the two separate pieces.
The lid I started turning for another vessel one of those in a previous post it was almost complete.
While sorting out some timber I spied the second piece and new straight away what was to become of it forming the base.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Update 20th Dec.
Searching for a useful piece of timber to use as a lid I found a nice bit of well grained Cedar, then used Australian Red Cedar for the bottom of the finial and Beefwood for the top. Left it square to suit the gent the biscuit barrel above will be for having lost a couple of digits on one hand.

Two months since last posting, I won't go into the reasons, well not all of them but it was the reverse to "4 Weddings and a Funeral" oh and a birth and Christening a new grandson our 2nd.

Wood work, in particular turning took a back seat during our inclement weather here in Sydney and still it persists.

I had made a set of Cole jaws made out of 6mm aluminium will be an asset to lathe work and Ornamental Turning.

Two friends from QLD made sure I got a piece of very colourful Camphor (Thanks Noel & John) I made a Pot/bowl out of it, is finished with a home brewed friction polish made with Linsead oil, Mineral Turps, Bee's wax. The knot went almost all the way through. I am still undecided if to make a lid or not I have left provison for one, need to find a piece of wood to suit.

Another local friend (thanks Peter ) gave me some more Camphor from a slab he had been hoarding for some time. I dumped it on the bench and saw the pattern which was to become the Styne. It has a plastic insert glued in, handle made by David Laird on his scroll-saw. It is finished with Wipe On Polly, I am undecided again or not to make and fit a hinged Styne style lid.

A Pot pourie Bowl which a lid is to be made with the scroll saw or I have to use the pewter one I have. Also finished in Wipe On Polly on the outside only so that scents can permeate into the wood inside.

I did some playing to this is Ficus root obtained when council workers were replacing the front foot path a simple wooden Doll the grain gided me in making this.

A small vase with a vile insert for short stemmed flower finishing was fun I used Auto touch up paint and after a good full coat wiped let dry and sanded. Then finiushed with my home brew friction polish.

Besides these a number of other things have been in the process line. Now Sue and I are sharing the lathe well ok when I let her tell her own story.

Regards Ray