I need a small job done by someone versed in both wood and metal turning.
Whilst honeymooning in New Zealand several years ago, my wife and I walked the Milford track. A wonderful experience and I highly recommend it.
To assit with the 4 day walk, we purchased some walking sticks/hiking poles if you prefer. These hiking sticks (I'll stick with that name) were not that expensive but have some sentimental value. Rather than get some carbon fibre, extendable wonders we opted for the hand crafted wooden (possibly Rimu) one piece model.
We spent 3 weeks in NZ, flew back to Sydney, where we had stashed a different set of travelling clothes, and then flew to Japan the next day.
We basically packed all the NZ stuff we didn't need in Japan into a big bag and an obliging relative met us in Sydney and took the bad home for us.
To get the hiking sticks, which are 1300mm long, home I had to cut them in half, always with the intention of joining then together again at a later time.
I found them during a clean out recently and decided it was time to make them whole again.

I would like a brass, screw together fitting made and fitted to each stick.
Willing to pay for your time and materials of course.
Let me know if you have the capability and would like to give this a go. I have neither a wood or metal lathe.