Sunday, July 31, 2016

Triple Treat and New Heights

Triple Treat and New Heights

Sue has been busy when ever I leave her alone with enough time to knit three pairs of socks. The light green pair were ones she finished which were started prior our move. The green and grey Sue knitted for John our son in law who suffers cold toes while driving round Western Sydney doing deliveries.
Scared as she is of climbing even her two rung step ladder she braved fitting two patio bolts.
P1090590 P1090593
Sue has been spending the warm days gardening when she can, planting herbs, roses a Lemon and Lime tree. Lawns are being done by outsourcing nice fellow Corey. Oh Max gets in on the digging
P1090476 P1090482 P1090511 P1090560 P1090561 P1090563

Settling In Takes Time

Settling in Takes Time

The delay in posting has been caused by a number of things, Microsoft updates which cause the mouse to sonar deeper than what you click on, multiple clicking in general its been a sore point as it interferes with so much.
Long days which by the time I check emails etc I am tuckered out so have resorted to doing only what is needed.
A few sick days nothing major change to weather, sinus and hay fever slowing everything down. Ah well press on.
The weather of late has been fantastic even the early morning temps of down to 0C and by 10am its 17C+ its not effecting me as it would have down south.  in fact arthritis has eased a whole deal for both of us.
So there is lots to catch up with firstly the Burl which at the moment has taken a back seat. it sat out for days being flattened using a garden pot, potting mix as weight, turned every other day. Finally I could run the electric hand planer over the high/thick spots which took out some tension areas. A few more days before taking it in and clamping it to an MDF board and hand planing it as flat as possible both sides.
It took a few days, its been stored until such time as I can set up the plywood base cut it to shape this will only be to give support and somewhere to secure the frame work of the corner table.
P1090574 P1090578
Prior leaving Sydney I had secured some original Myford accessories through a forum sale the gent was very kind in holding off until we had moved to post them as well as I didn’t have to pay till I had them in my hot little hands.
I scored a Myford Fixed steady rest, Myford Angle Plate, set of original Myford ML7 manuals and booklets. set of Myford Carbide toolingIMG_3940 IMG_3941 IMG_3942 IMG_3943 IMG_3945
All in excellent condition some unused, posted from South Australia the gent who owned them was retiring had sold off the lathe.
Installed a metal hose tidy for Sue. I screwed it onto the wall using plugs and self tapers I’ll give the screws about three years and they’ll need replacing.
20160724_152315 20160724_152538
I have to thanks Sue who took on the task of spraying the old frame on which the Nova 3000 sits. Four cans of Fiddly Bits after a light sand a few days drying time and the Nova is back up and running……..not without drama must always remember the locating swivel pin must be lined up with the locating lock bolt. Still tempted to re-spray the Nova a good clean was all it got. It took the good part of a day to line up level up the beds, some how I ended up with packing washers left over.
20160724_154810 P1090582 P1090586 P1090587 P1090588
Prior the move one of the tool box trolleys had suffered a wonky wheel Ken raced off to buy a new replacement unfortunate as it was it was almost 1/4″ higher then the rest. The floor pan had always caused problems with wheels almost collapsing due to poor reinforcement of  the floor pan area. I bought the remaining three matching new wheels, two strips of zinc plinth bar and removed the rather useless manufacturing packing plates.
P1090467 P1090470 P1090502 P1090504 P1090509 P1090566
It wasn’t until final fitting the size difference was noticed last photo above the matching wheels fitted.
New tool trolley handles made and fitted. Why have the many producers of tool boxes and trolleys stopped fitting sensible easy grab handles? These useless finger grip edge handles even if I was not suffering arthritis in a work environment would drive me round the twist. Oily, greasy hands trying to fumble with no more than a finger tip to open draws full of tools obviously the majority of users work in pristine environments.
P1090464 P1090472 P1090473
Sue had a bookcase which required a centre partition due to distance between supports being to large. Yes i made it but I was following directions of design originally. A woman is always allowed to change her mind. Anyway we now share the bookcase, we need another.
I had to of course drill the holes required for shelf support pins.
Sue lacquered the new shelves and partition addition.
P1090570 P1090572
One side of the workshop is taking form and is quit workable, note flooring has been laid again checker plate workshop vinyl. A new storage shelf for the Myford frame and cover. old pantry now storage for finishes and unfinished projects hanging space for squares and rulers.
P1090595 P1090596 P1090597
Last photo above taken about 3.30pm as sun begins to set with that I’ll leave this and go post another this time on Sue who has been helping me do much of this above.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sunday Time Out July 10 2016

Sunday Time Out

Ipswich markets start early 6.30am…..somewhere round 9am we ventured over to see what all the fuss was about. A Record market/book sale was supposed to be on also saw no sign of that. A beautiful sunny morning, lots of brica brac and plants etc Sue bought some of each. So gardening is on the agenda.
We decided to take a drive into town and visit the information centre its not where Google said it was. However we had a visit to the Ipswich Art gallery and its fine display. Its special school holiday display for kids which had great interest to me (the display not the kids). If you are as old as Sue and I you may recall Spirograph this is it on a giant scale.
It has interest due to its closeness to Ornamental Turning. The special machine which was on display down stairs was CNC’d ad produced some very nice works. ot to go back and see it working. In the childrens hands on area kids of all ages were enjoying the fun and patterns which can be made using such simple set ups and easy made contraptions.
Near the gallery entrance was a beautiful display of carved boxes and upstairs a magnificent Cedar  Chest.
Back down stairs above the entrance was an amazing display called “Big Bang” I’ll allow you to read the sign.

Myford Has landed 10th July 2016

Myford Has Landed

Prior departing Sydney when dismantling the Myford ML7 I discovered the drip tray was badly rusted underneath as well as the corners not welded well the sheet material was far to thin ad the folded section had not been made with a folded edge to prevent injury.
I put a notice up on a metal work forum and got a response from Graeme who lives north of Brisbane did a brilliant job the tray and stand sprayed in Platinum by Sue. The Myford had been stored at a mates place down in Sydney. Alan had other business to do up north of NSW and brought it up using his engine lifter he placed and secured it to the stand.


 Another friend Neil (Hughie) was sending me up a few Ball N Screw shafts thought I might be able to use them making a Rose Engine or such. I had no idea he was also sending me a very nice peice of Blackwood for turning or a Citizen DTI many thanks Neil. Who this morning notified me bandsaws are sharp and cut pinky fingers easy hope it heals fast.

Alan had been to Sydney wood show and was good enough to select and bring up a nice bu rough burl to make a corner/end table for the lounges. Thanks Greg & Mal Ward from Boutique Timbers.
The white line shows how it has been cut a project in progress.