Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sunday Time Out July 10 2016

Sunday Time Out

Ipswich markets start early 6.30am…..somewhere round 9am we ventured over to see what all the fuss was about. A Record market/book sale was supposed to be on also saw no sign of that. A beautiful sunny morning, lots of brica brac and plants etc Sue bought some of each. So gardening is on the agenda.
We decided to take a drive into town and visit the information centre its not where Google said it was. However we had a visit to the Ipswich Art gallery and its fine display. Its special school holiday display for kids which had great interest to me (the display not the kids). If you are as old as Sue and I you may recall Spirograph this is it on a giant scale.
It has interest due to its closeness to Ornamental Turning. The special machine which was on display down stairs was CNC’d ad produced some very nice works. ot to go back and see it working. In the childrens hands on area kids of all ages were enjoying the fun and patterns which can be made using such simple set ups and easy made contraptions.
Near the gallery entrance was a beautiful display of carved boxes and upstairs a magnificent Cedar  Chest.
Back down stairs above the entrance was an amazing display called “Big Bang” I’ll allow you to read the sign.

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