Saturday, June 24, 2017

New larger Workbench

 Mortice & Tenon legs
Holes drilled using a Forstner bit, then rough cut with recip saw and coping saw. hand filed to a tight fit.

 Rail notched out for vice web to sit into.
Its finally done to a usable state the 1800L x 900W x 850H workbench Form work ply lower shelf screwed and glued down the top just screwed for now as I need time to use and make some changes which means removing the top.

An 8" quick release vice fitted to one end which over hangs, the other end has had the 3 draws Alan Flett made up for me some years ago slotted in snugly.

The main legs and rails were once the frame around the Nova which again Alan and Pat built and Ken had given the old packing to me. The carcase frame between material picked up along the way. Only the wheels and ply oh and the vice which I bought off Pat cost me all up around $300.

 Inner frame bearers and rails cut and notched out.

 Frame assembly and dry fit

 Full frame assembly

 As it stands now, vice fitted, draws fitted and draw fronts at last afixed with screws and handles tightened so they close. Wheels rated @150kg per.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Bonsai and Roses

Early June and it was time to check how the Bonsai were doing prior the winter trim. My oldest Fig was started in 1982. I've lost some over the years due to weather, pest and one to many moves.

The beautiful old Olive Mark bought me back in 1999 sadly had root rot and pests had chewed the underside of the massive trunk and root ball. However we have propagated from cuttings and one part of the root ball to have it carry on.

The other Figs are either descendants of my original or from a variegated Fig cuttings I have..

The Crape Myrtle was grown from seed and the other from a cutting they are only few years old.

They all have thrived here since moving.

 Roses have bloomed


Sue reduced the herb garden size by almost 18" but stretched it out a little further.