Saturday, September 13, 2008

Recent turnings Camphor, Cedar & Ficus Root

Camphor Bowl
During days where the winter weather gave short reprieve especially out of the wind I was able to get some turning done.

A Camphor bowl which had a void right through it was filled with resin allowed to sit a few weeks before final fill and turning. The bowl was a gift for an electric motor which was brand new, the motor will be used in the future for Ornamental decoration.

Western Red Cedar

As a member of The Ornamental Turners Group Australasia OTGA I am learning to use techniques which date back to the 17th century to Ornament my wood turnings. Using a Rose Engine Lathe creating amazing textures and finishes to surfaces.
Timber is Western Red Cedar the larger one had dry rot around the edge and was filled with a mix of turning dust and CA glue. Thats what is giving the burnt appearance. Cedar isn't usually a timber which is decorated as its to soft but this worked.

Both these peices of Cedar were from the same log the right one has a Sun Burst theme.

Ficus Root turned into a Pen caddy

The Ficus root was sourced from council men doing a footpath repair. It weight is like Balsa Wood very course grain with as you can see some amazing paterns. The photo show the same vessel and the different grain around it

A Horse

I started this before our grandsons 1st birthday back in June a toddler rocking horse from Radiata Pine with a lot of help from Sue we built it together. Due to winter weather conditions, the coldest and wettest we have had for some years it created frustration after frustration. Glue which doesn't set below 15c, Lacquer also which required sanding back after what seemed a nice sunny warm day had dried so uneven it looked like a corrugated road.

At last it was finished 3 days of 19C to 22C sanded spray lacquer, tail done then handed over to a very happy little fellow.