Monday, July 27, 2015

A Lazy Kate to go with Orla

As you can expect when you acquire nine new spinning wheel Bobbins you need somewhere to store them. These where made for Orla.

So some more English Oak was sourced this time from Boutique Timbers a nice plank/board some 2m x 250mm x 55mm, always best to have more wood than you really need.

The idea was to store as neat and practical as possible the two different sized series of Bobbins six small, three larger.
Of course the need to use the whole lot at once would be rare well for some maybe, I envision that will not be the case for Sue however.

The design came to mind for a two tier with the top being able to rotate to allow access to the lower set, but ability to remove if need be.

I Turned up two platters, one 9" dia x 1" thick and one 7" dia x 3/4" thick, gave some shape to the top sides so the bobbins would sit a little high off the running area when they turn.
Marked out the top piece to be a tri-arm for the three larger bobbins with cut outs allowing access to the lower bobbins. This was cut using the scrollsaw and shaped and sanded.

I turned up a brass bush for the top section to rotate on and use of a lock pin to allow both to be one yet still rotate.

 Machining the brass bush.
19mm inner dia, 22mm out dia. large face section 30mm. 2mm bearing area thickness.

 Below the bush in place on the top section prior being cut to shape.. Three holes drilled for the bobbin supports which are 1/4" Gal rod.

Below dry fit up of the base plate and both in right photo.

 Below a view of the brass bush.

Below the top platter now cut to shape and further dry fit. Left with Gal rods dry fitted and a Bobbin showing the height.

 Lower base setion with Gal rods fitted and glued in place. Clean up was just a removal of excess epoxy using a chisel. The hole in the upper shaft is the lock pin hole.

 Below a view after final assembly.

  Almost full stocked one Bobbin is on Orla the spinning wheel.

 Lock pin in place the top section rotates on the brass bush.

Sweet Treats

Sue has been busy in bulk.

Friends and neighbours gave Sue some of their crop of Oranges, Lemons and Sue's long term friends brother passed on some of his Cumquat crop 3.5kg.

In a park near by council had planted a Lilli Pilli which has bared fruit also our two grandsons Christian and Brodie help Nana pick about 4kg.

Sue made 11 jars of Lilli Pilli jam which has been already seen me enjoy some of that for breakfast on my toast.

There were 14 jars of Cumquat Marmalade which used only half the 3.5kg of fruit.

Thats when Sue found she only had a few jars left to use, she had run out so has put a call out to any who can help supply metal sealed lidded jars, the type used on jams etc.

The Oranges were used and made just a small amount of Marmalade which was handed back to those who supplied the fruit and a couple of others.

Some of the Lemons have been preserved in another form Sue uses that to add to cooking and cakes.