Friday, January 23, 2015

Skeleton Clock & Coolabah Burl

The Skeleton clock and Coolabah Burl is an indulgence for ourselves.

The burl being from Boutique Timbers while the clock is from Trend Timbers.

Peacock Blue Alpaca

Sue finished spinning the Peacock Blue Alpaca she had dyed.There is approx  1400m of spun yarn.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Time Will Tell

We all have a time piece of some sort and keeping time has its history.
I have loved clocks since a young boy listening to my Dad's Westminster chiming mantel clock till it stopped.

Recently I have made a few clocks first up was one for our Daughter in law Nichole's 40th birthday. A burl purchased some five years ago from Boutique Timbers and clock fitting from Trend Timbers.

The face can be orientated as is shown above sitting on  stand or a wall fitting can be attached.

I had purchased three  Brass fit up clocks.

First up is a Peppercorn Burl, fitted with a 47mm dia Brass Quartz movement.

Next is a Coolabah Burl off cut with a 37mm dia Brass Quartz movement. To me the shape looks much like Uluru (Aryes Rock).

 Last is the centre I took out of Nichole's clock using again a 37mm dia fit up, the burl is about 80mm dia. I filled the large voids on the rear with Epoxy mixed with a nail polish to enhance it.

Edited 23rd Jan.
The above burl in the photo shows scratches around the top edge I have re-sanded and applied polyurethane gloss.

 These three will make ideal desk clocks.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Busy Time Is Christmas New Year

Happy New Year to you all.
It got a little hectic over the last few weeks as well as hot and wet and then hot again. Christmas came and went as did visits from and with family.

We Sue and I did get some time out, R&R, put our feet up and became lounge lizards.

As both of us have been making something for daughter Belinda this is a shared post. As well as some novel things for the grandchildren for Stocking filler.

Sue first a cardigan she has been knitting for Belinda. Hand carded and spun white Alpaca this is some of the bails that John and Maree's friend sent up from their pets. All natural deviation in colour, not dyed.
Pattern was pick out of Jane Slicer Smith's Swing Swagger Drape book.

 Sue also made a neat little coin purse for Nathan, Bianca,  Christian and Brodie as part of their Christmas gifts.

A couple of Ta-bard's for me in the workshop, made so it takes the strain of a single strap off my neck. I seem to stick a lot of things in the front pocket which pulls downward across the neck. It got dirty real quick my sower look is due to my lower back aching.

I made Mark Aylward a Workshop Pencil prior Christmas as he had lent me his 3/4 wood threading kit. He needed something that wouldn't get lost in the dust and dirt. I chose this Urban Camo acrylic being he lives and works in Newcastle and its Emblem is like that of Newcastle Upon Tyne that of Magpies. These birds feature in some of his work as well as visit him often in his workshop.

Below is Marks work of a sculpture he creates of Magpies. His real life supervisor also doubles as his model. 
Photo By Mark Aylward

 While making the Brass joiners for the Hiking Poles I had some Brass which I made a brass hammer for myself weight is 660 grams for the head.
It has a short handle which was the old handle off my Ball Pein that I replaced recently.

A Burl Cheese Platter with tile and Cutlery for Belinda she chose the darker Myrtle Burl handles.
Recess for the tile was free hand routed to 1mm the tile was then adhered with epoxy. I finished after sanding to 400 grit then continued wet with Wallnut Oil, allowed to dry over night after 2 coats, six in all. 

On our way home down from Queensland we called in to see Ian from Hunter Valley Custom Pens. I had told Ian I had a few rough off cuts (what we call worthless wood) I'd like to see if he could combine them with acrylic. I'd love to get into this but limited shed space, time and equipment to do so prevents me.

Ian has done an excellent job, the day they arrived Bianca and Nathan were here and Nathan in asking what they were when he opened the box for me. I explained and asked if he'd like to see what they turn up like, he (with a very proud pop) had his first turning lesson. He was assisted by dad Peter (he was being taught at the same time) while rough turning the first one (orange), he then with me sitting close by Nathan turned Bianca's choice. I will make these into Workshop pencils for them.

The Grin says it all.

As always as Christmas and New Year come around I spend the days doing quiet maintenance on machines etc. Checking belts, oil, clean, sharpen tools. That way I am ready for the year ahead (although I do check throughout as well). It also means I am not making noise and dust while neighbours enjoy their break over Christmas and New Year from work.