Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Quick Castor Wheel Repair

Mark gave me some castor wheels being thrown out from his work, mainly to use the wheels for another lathe steady. I pondered over them for sometime before deciding to remove the bolts and cut off the daggy overhanging plate which had been welded on. I then drilled the four mounting holes again through the plate and in the two none rotating frames a 3/8 centre hole so I can make them rotate if need be.

I removed the wheels to do the end cuts 1/2 to high for the bandsaw frame to come down.
I then ground off the remaining wled where the bolt had been round the corners and chamfered the corners.

Will give the bare steel a coat of paint and soon find a use for them.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Hat Block

Sue likes to do felting and has done some hats in the past using various size balls as forms.

While on our trip to Toowoomba at the show she saw a number of wood blocks made for the purpose. She even bought a felt hat for herself, the shape was not quite to her liking and she tested out the new hat block I made to rectify the problem.

I used Oregon I had stashed away and was about to throw out as it just didn't seem to suit anything. I was wrong there.
Three cut boards laminated and turned to shape, sealed with sanding sealer and finished with brush on Minwax Polly at least 3 good coats to protect it.

Imperfections such as knots nail holes were filled with CA.

The first two photos are with the wet sanding sealer on prior sanding. 

 All done.

The cold days we have been having have slowed things down for me in the workshop.