Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Three Years Of Gardening By Sue.

 This our third year living in our home in South East QLD.

The last couple/few months saw the end of a very dry six or seven which had only 50mm of rain in December, we were in Sydney where deluge was taking place. First came drizzle somewhere in March a few mill here and there but ground was so dry it didn't do much good at all. Finally April showers started to fill the water tank green the gardens and grass everywhere. Sue had scattered seeds of all sorts, planted some seedlings which a few were lost as day time temps still reached 30C+.

By end of April mid May what a difference water tank is almost to the 4/5ths mark of 1000lt. Autumn blooms all around, need for mowing and tree trimming.

Time for photos of all Sue's work in and around the gardens from the beginning to recent.
From an almost blank canvas to an amazing colour filled yet with still room to grow and make changes.

The start of something new June 2016.

Changes 2017.

2018 some drastic changes as can be seen in reduction of size of back yard edge garden above. During 2018 Sue did a lot of gardening, sadly the Passion Fruit vines died due to the heat even with watering.

During 2018 the new back fence brought yet more garden changes and improvements mainly in the back yard

 The veg garden bed make over plus the beginning of the new back fence garden and Jasmine frame.

2018 & 2019 saw temps almost daily at this level.
Sue struggled to maintain plants, veg patch and lawn he latter in the end we just let go to almost dirt n dust.

But the rain came at last.

Marigolds seeds which were just scattered came to life.

The main big tree out the front which had been shedding leaves sprung back to life so much so it had to be trimmed. That so during winter the sun warms the front of the house.

 I know this is a long full of photo's post it is to say thank you to Sue for all her hard work over 3 years. The front tree tho we did have an arborist trim them.