Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Vowed never to turn pens

I love pens over the years I have gained many either as presents or picked up in my travels, making them is easy. Assembling them with my fingers and hands with my CMT and arthritis to say the least frustrating.

I wanted to make some bought the kits from Timberbits all Slimline's. Timbers are in the
Line up photo left to right
2 Jarrah
3 Red Cedar one of which has the darker base no idea how that happened as while cutting I marked them as matching pairs.
2 Mackay Cedar
2Tassie Oak
3 English Oak

Finished with WOP Wipe on Polly

These are gifts for staff at Liverpool Hospital nurses mainly who cared for me during my stint in there last January.

Workshop Time

Time in the workshop is often spread between setting up making things repairing tools, cleaning, sharpening or making jigs, tools etc. I am no different I like to make what I can with the limited space I have.

Recent purchases meant I need such time to make mobile stands one for a metal bandsaw one for  dill press. Lockable front wheels with rear stable table is longer at the rear by half again so tipping over doesn't happen. Sideways tipping isn't a problem if it does get that way I will add outrigger's for the back wheels.

No photo's of the bandsaw base yet as I am waiting for glue to dry.

In the mean time a clean up took place culling scrap timbers not worth keeping, either to small or good for firewood only.

Not knowing I was about to receive a stack of old Jarrah stair treads 11 in all these will add to the other 6 or so I had already been given from a house renovation.

Also made some new turning tool handles to replace a set I was not comfortable with photo's to come, all New Guinea Rosewood. Much happier now.