Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Workshop Time

Time in the workshop is often spread between setting up making things repairing tools, cleaning, sharpening or making jigs, tools etc. I am no different I like to make what I can with the limited space I have.

Recent purchases meant I need such time to make mobile stands one for a metal bandsaw one for  dill press. Lockable front wheels with rear stable table is longer at the rear by half again so tipping over doesn't happen. Sideways tipping isn't a problem if it does get that way I will add outrigger's for the back wheels.

No photo's of the bandsaw base yet as I am waiting for glue to dry.

In the mean time a clean up took place culling scrap timbers not worth keeping, either to small or good for firewood only.

Not knowing I was about to receive a stack of old Jarrah stair treads 11 in all these will add to the other 6 or so I had already been given from a house renovation.

Also made some new turning tool handles to replace a set I was not comfortable with photo's to come, all New Guinea Rosewood. Much happier now.

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