Sunday, September 30, 2012

Personalised Wood Bolt Action

These three Gold Bolt Action pens were a request from the same people I made the 3 tier platter for. Wayne even supplied the wood which is possibly Tallowood or Stringybark which came off their property in the Cessnock region of NSW. The area once coverted for its  Cedar  sadly the area has been drained of that resource. Still a wide variety of Australian timbers survive and are sort after mostly being milled these days for flooring, furniture and building.

The kits Bolt Action supplied by 043turning.

50th Sydney Model Train Expo

Yesterday we took our son Peter and our two grandchildren to the 50th Sydney Model Train Expo. It is today I have just realised that my dad must have taken me to the inaugural one held at Hurstville Civic Centre just after it opened back in the 60's. These days it held at Liverpool's Whitlam Centre.

We met up there about 10 and had close on four hours of fun and time together. Watching Nathan and Bianca enthralled with the layouts and various models, other than Thomas The Tank Engine although there were plenty of them there including a ride for them to go on.

There were three hands on activities for kids also, $1 for 3 mins driving a model train which they both had a go at, making there own diorama scene with the aid of one of the gents to guide them. Then a lovely lady who was painting trains allowed them to assist in her Work In progress.

The layouts and displays had us all amazed here are some photo's of just a few of the hard work which has gone into modeling trains and tracks.

Loved this sign one of the Model Engineer's had

This is the fellow who helped Nathan and Bianca make their scenes.

Nathan snapping away got snapped by Sue/Nana he's an avid photographer at 5.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bolt Action Cammo's

Another five Gun Metal Bolt Action pens finished, an order from Fletty. After showing his beautiful Gold and wood combination to all how admired it.
He was surprised at the request from all who asked for one to be done.......but in Urban Camo acrylic, I won't relate his comments here LOL.

Don't feel to bad Fletty I am on finishing some Gold in a variety of wood so we'll see what comes then and two Gun Metal in wood also.

The kits supplied by 043turning
 Our Postie dropped by to have a look and the reflection off his bike and fluro shirt gave a change of colour to the photo below.

Sue made the Velvet pouches for each to be stored in.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wood Collectors & Blogs I follow

Boutique Timbers is my main timber supplier and recently had a delivery, I think restocking after Mark Aylward's visit was essential . Mal lives in a secret hideaway in Rolland's Plains on NSW north coast. Together with his brother Greg Ward they can be seen often with timbers for sale at.... Kiama Wood show in Feb/March each year, Brisbane,Sydney, ACT & Melbourne Wood shows. Mal even on holidays keeps a close watch out for wood sales (see his blog).

September Timbers

Daniel at Boutique Timbers - 23 hours ago
Here's a sneak peak at a new shipment of timber and logs that arrived on the farm this week.


Mark Aylward is Solid Wood Furniture Company (check out Mark's works in his gallery section). He recently held an exhibition of his and his partners Helen's works (oops forgot to post that one) up in Newcastle. Mark's quirky wood carvings all with a story and Helen's ceramic's. Sue and I took a day's trip and experienced (must post that one). His works of art both in sculpture and furniture are indeed worthy of many accolades. Mark is checking out a small Fig up at Boutique Timbers.

Life on the Farm: Mark inspects the Blue Scrub Figs

Daniel at Boutique Timbers - 6 days ago
Here's a couple of photos from Mark Aylward (from the Solid Wood & Furniture Company) recent visit the Boutique Timber's farm. Down in the Blue Scrub he found these huge Fig trees. Information on Mark's recent exhibition.

Tom Sheppard is The Village Woodworker a Traditional woodworker, tool collector, restorer, Ukulele maker and player. A keen photographer, a hardworking member of Hastings Woodworkers. If your up that way they are located right at Timbertown Heritage Theme Park on the Oxley Hwy at Wauchope in the Hastings Valley NSW. The Guild operate seven days a week, members are rostered on one day a month, except Wednesday & Saturday. Wednesday & Saturday are our main working days

Spring Days and Ukulele Nights

Where does time go?
The weather here has been fickle - some stunningly beautiful spring days, mixed with winds carrying dust and smoke from hazard reduction burns.

The ukulele is still getting its layerings of shellac when weather permits.
The Hastings Woodworkers Guild is keeping me busy as well.

We retrieved some fallen timber that we will mill in our Club bandsawmill.
These logs are eucalyptus grandis - also known as flooded gum or rose gum.
Only found along parts of the east coast of Australia, this was a rare and lucky acquisition for us.

The tree blew down in a wind storm earlier this year, and has awaited collecting since then.

Rose gum is a beautiful, straight grained pink to red timber, that is easily worked and gives a lovely finish.
My friend and singing (a cappella - base/tenor) partner - Ken - seen here directing operations on the back of the truck, donated the timber - and our club is extremely grateful.

Daniel Rankmore For the Love of Wood, a keen woodworker, family man, photographer, man with his head in the clouds some times (a member of the Dr team, flying in choppers). One minute he can be in Sydney next Taree or back in ER. has been forsaking time with wood due to study and work and family in making this Lectern.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sneak Peak

A sign of things to come. A dry fit of the project. The final project will have a panel on both top and bottom pieces and therefore look a little different.

Geoff Montey what a life, sailing, woodwork, grand kids, metal work, model making, lives way over in the middle of no where. Also an avid tool collector, restorer. I found Geoff's blog in doing a search for something he's not to bad at photography either.

Brass Fittings from Hinges

Spent the day making up more of the hardware needed on the couta boat from a couple of old brass hinges. Items included gudgeon for the rudder and a prop.

Test fitting the rudder attachments

Geoff Workshop recently moved to Huonville Tasmania hasn't had much time in keeping up his blog, settling into the cold, wet damp is just part of the change and challenge. He has found that having a big shed means more room to move and more tools required to. Building a CNC, becoming involved in boats and renovating for his own comfort.

I am on doing my own woodwork a few special projects all will be shown in due course. Sue yes busy also, sewing mainly two formal dress alterations for a year 12 party.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Good with the Bad

Life throws things at you to make sure your awake, the wheelchair instance was just such a thing. Since then we have had Fathers Day with Saturday night visit of both lots of boys with their children. A great night thanks for all the presents.

My cup for the workshop has been in use already as has the Multi tool sanding and saving me a whole days work cut my time in more than half.

 Sue as always busy knitting of an evening making a few beanies for charity. A cushion for the wedding pen for Peter & Anita their wedding this Saturday "Good Luck to you both".

I had another bout of "lets see how easy it is to stress Ray" while making some pens ggrrrrrrrrr. out of five I have two so far after four days of shear frustration with acrylic and wood blanks.

The pens are Sierra Gun Metal and Gold both with acrylic cammo left over from the Bolt Action pen builds.

I have been busy doing another project which shall all be covered when it finished in its own post it has been so far successful.

I went to move the tailstock on my Nova 3000  it almost fell off the ways, the lock bolt and plate had come undone and damaged the thread.

Two hours repairing it with thread files.
I have four of these two with the internal repair like that to the right and two without. I have had these for many years and they have done a great deal of work in rescuing damaged bolt threads.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Change is a Good thing

We took a break 31st August and headed up to Box Hill in Newcastle to have a look at a Gallery display of wood and ceramics works by Mark Aylward (Solid Wood Furniture Co) and Helen Stronach (ceramics).

 Helen's Ceramic's

 Mark's wood carvings and chair

 We met up with a friend Ian Dorney who makes Hunter Valley Custom Pen's.
Always good to catch up face to face with people I last saw Ian at 2011 Sydney Woodshow, although we chat often online, phone etc.

 Lunch time and Sue and I headed down to Newcastle warf area  and had beer batter fish n chips. A beaut sunny spot over looking Newcastle Harbour.

 We made it home just as the heavens opened and rain poured down it did not dampen our day.