Thursday, September 6, 2012

Good with the Bad

Life throws things at you to make sure your awake, the wheelchair instance was just such a thing. Since then we have had Fathers Day with Saturday night visit of both lots of boys with their children. A great night thanks for all the presents.

My cup for the workshop has been in use already as has the Multi tool sanding and saving me a whole days work cut my time in more than half.

 Sue as always busy knitting of an evening making a few beanies for charity. A cushion for the wedding pen for Peter & Anita their wedding this Saturday "Good Luck to you both".

I had another bout of "lets see how easy it is to stress Ray" while making some pens ggrrrrrrrrr. out of five I have two so far after four days of shear frustration with acrylic and wood blanks.

The pens are Sierra Gun Metal and Gold both with acrylic cammo left over from the Bolt Action pen builds.

I have been busy doing another project which shall all be covered when it finished in its own post it has been so far successful.

I went to move the tailstock on my Nova 3000  it almost fell off the ways, the lock bolt and plate had come undone and damaged the thread.

Two hours repairing it with thread files.
I have four of these two with the internal repair like that to the right and two without. I have had these for many years and they have done a great deal of work in rescuing damaged bolt threads.

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