Friday, August 28, 2009

Some Past Works

A further look into some other things we have done and enjoy doing

Both of us have photos of earlier times Sue's can be found here many of her own early designs and creations.

My two can be located as follows

This is my photography and Bus & Coach page, while this is early woodworking

Woolen Socks

Socks for myself at last, after all the wedding preparation's knitting socks for Ray I got these 2 pair done for myself. Only to have daughter snap up the mustard coloured pair. So a 3rd set was made a green pair she won't pinch them doesn't like green. Photo's to come later of those.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Snow is all Gone

My last two pieces of Snow Gum from Dave for the main body, a bit of QLD Beech from Noel for the stem and finial. An interesting challenge from the Woodwork Forum where I spend a bit of time and a lot of inspiration from many web sites I have visited.
I took my time turning this and enjoyed it more no rushing much time for thought about shape but able to change with a few small mishaps along the way.

Spring Makes You Feel Good

It so nice to be able to do some turning again and not be almost frozen. So I set about getting my system in tune and created a few play bowls. The larger bowl is Swamp Mahogany or Iron Bark a rush to save the log from splitting, its heavy great to turn slightly wet.

Macadamia from a friend Dave about a year ago the spalting was the attraction unfortunately one didn't make it the wood rot had gone right through.

The other also from Dave is Snow Gum.

All finished with Macadamia Nut Oil.

Hall Table Completed & TV Hutch

Well the wedding of our daughter is over and with fine weather and warmer days I finally got to complete her Hall Table. I routed the legs for a more aesthetic look, as well as the top using a Roman Ogy bit. A few coats of Rustin's Danish Oil sanding down to 1200 grit. Not without problems a sudden drop in temp and a small amount of moisture around saw the wood become fuzzy again so another sand and coat.

Daughter had an urgent need for a TV Hutch she had picked up some nice veneered MDF even helped cut and assemble it.