Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hebridien Spinning Wheel Restoration Last Stage.

When I posted last back in March on the Progress of The Spinning Wheel Restoration there was still much to be done. I am glad to say I have been at it almost every day other than when we had our break for eleven days. Spurred on by the fact I could see it coming together even though at times frustration took hold, thats when I would take to something else for a little while taking a break to clear my head.

Now where did I get up to???
Oh yes the uprights for the wheel itself these became one of the annoying things I just had to sort out for alignment of the wheel to the Whorl.
Back filling inside the inserts with thin slivers of Oak glued in place and using a rasp to get an angle matching each upright so they would align with the Whorl.
Gluing of course takes time to dry as does checking again and again and again. Finally something near close enough.

Right: I used Cling film to protect the base of the upright from glue and it in turn applied pressure to the material being glued in place.

Then the wheel itself!!

The spokes of the wheel are mortised into the hub but are flush with the fellows and then pinned at an angle through the fellows to retain them. One of these had been broken and come adrift, a simple repair of using shavings to build up around the area of the pins (two in all) and laminating/layering with glue much like  plywood.

I mounted the wheel onto my large Cole Jaws and as best could be done took out as much warp as possible. I used CA in the mortise of the spokes and hub this helped tightened up movement and slop.

The Cole Jaws also allowed me to true the now well out of round wheel, due to years of drying timber and movement. In all not to bad but it was enough to throw the drive band off and the sides of the band area had been worn down badly through damage and use. The problem here is, was the hub central to the wheel etc?  I just took the risk, it was off a little which has the wheel run out as though buckled, I'll try tweak this.

The footman needed to be connected to the crank so an connecting arm made coloured and fitted. Leather thong tied to the footman.

Sue found the right drive band string cut and waxed it......what a difference tension was good and strong with no real stretch.

I turned up two lock pins for the wheel axle this stops the axle climbing or jumping about.

Satisfied with things as they were i had to repair the badly damaged and worn Maiden tower which had become so thin on one side, again laminating the are. I had considered rebuilding the are to almost original shape but this would then mean doing the other one. Instead I just strenghtened and shaped it to appear similar as the other one.

Today was good enough progress to then ask Sue to trial spin some fibre all went well still some minor tweaks to do but I will allow her time to locate any further fixes or repairs before handing it over.

 After a good sand around the whole wheel and spokes a coat of Danish Oil was applied.
 Below the new connector arm fitted

 Checking visually from above alignment and hw it looks.

One of the new pins Below.

Below Laminating of the Maiden tower

 It doesn't look pretty I know

 On the lathe working the lamination area

Sue giving it its first test run using some Alpaca

More to add to this post yet will do it over the next few days.

The wheel for Sue is on the bench.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It Rained it Poured for 9 Ddays

It had been some years since Sue and I took a break and had a holiday, 11 days away and it rained all but 1 of those days, still we enjoyed the majority of our journey.

Above. North end of Putty Rd
Right  New England Highway south of Tamworth.

 We left Sydney and it rained all the way to Tamworth, where we met up with Tim and his parents had a late lunch and dumped into a neighbour from our Tamworth days.

We called in at Tamworth Craft Gallery ,  I had not been before its located at the far side of town close to the BMX track, the one our kids used to race at.
The centre is home to Spinners and Weavers, Woodturners/workers, Blacksmiths and other artists, it has its own shop where all their works can be shown and sold.

We stayed with Terri and Andy whom we had not seen for some time although we stay in touch. Terri was already into cooking a hearty dinner and had a cake and jug on in moments.

Day 2 Tamworth to Toowoomba with a short stop in Uralla at the Woolery and 2nd hand Bookshop not a wheelchair users delight to get around in.

I think this was the only time we had a small break in the rain just enough to get out nd back in the car.
We both ended up with books and Sue scored from the Woolery, Swing Swager Drape a book she has been after for some time.
Back on the road and down it came again.
New England Highway somewhere around Guyra 1.5k of mud
Across the NSW, QLD boarder and we were instantly transported back in day light savings in QLD.
From there on it didn't stop/eased till we reached Stanthorpe where we needed a break for an afternoon cuppa, respite from the rain and wipers beating time. A bit of concern for our Forester as the familiar smell of a hot clutch wafted up when we stopped and I opened the door. A stall test was done, this means pulling on the hand break and slowly letting the clutch out to feel if there is slippage none thank goodness. Still best get it checked out.
The closer we got to Toowoomba the darker the sky and clouds became lower, the rain just kept coming. Driving towards B-doubles was like driving through a waterfall, Sue did a great job through the few road works, torrential rain and putting up with a driver/passenger. I find it hard to let go the wheel but I could have just as easy laid the seat right back and snoozed.

Above and Right
Taken about 15k's south of Toowoomba

We stayed at The Great Divide Motor Inn in Toowoomba easy access for disabled around the whole room and close to a little shopping complex 2 blocks away, motel is a little out of town centre.. A stroll to Picnic Point for the keen walker.

Day 3 In Toowoomba it was a quick visit to Wipples Subaru who took the matter of the clutch into their care finding it may have just been the amount of water we had travelled through and steam coming off the break callipers. Between the motel and the dealership we had a blown headlight globe which they changed. Thanks guys service isn't dead after all.

Toowoomba Royal Show was on so we spent the major part of the day checking out the local works and usual country show much missed from our years in Tamworth.
Sue located the Spinners and Weavers hall and couldn't resist sitting spinning, we had a good chat with the ladies.

The Wood Chop event was on no Poplar for these guys all Hardwood.

The sky looked threatening on our arrival even a few drops fell but soon gave way to sunshine.
 This fellow was making a gift for our Grand daughter Bianca
 Some of the spinners show exhibits. An interesting Lace Bobbin set up.

Two wheels of the Spinners and Weavers  both home made.

The wood chop above and right

Right the store of logs yet to be chopped

Some stationary steam engines this fellow was throwning the wheel to start it up.

 Day 4 Cobb & Co Museum an inspiring look back into the past of wagon transport, a great collection of Wagon's, Carriages and Sulky's. 
Here I got to meet for the first time Wendy known on the Woodworkforum as Ruffley Rustic, she was in the middle of a Leather handbag making course so the time was short to chat. 

Toowoomba is a Garden City the older sections of town are lined with Camphor Laurel and African Plain trees, we strolled around Queens Park which adjoins the museum almost. The windmill exhibition between.

 As I had an interest in Coach Building we took many photo's just a few here and the workshop.

Wendy and myself it was the shirt that gave her away.


Camphor Laurel Trees in Queens Park.
We found this great little Pie Shop 

Day 5 The photo below I took at about 9.30am and its how the weather stayed all day so it was a sit back relax in the room and read, Sue knitting as she does.
Our day of touring about the area will have to wait till next time.

Day 6 Headed to Munruben down the hill to stay with John and Liz and their family.
At last sunshine all day well most of it. We were greeted and made to feel at home first of all at The Green Bank RSL Men's shed where John spends a lot of time with a great bunch of blokes.
Then at John and Liz's home where we met their daughter and her family Charmain, Simon, Bianca, Jaccey-Lee and John's son John.

John's son in law Simon loves to cook a bit like Sue's dad for an army. I wish we had taken photos of the food he served during our stay.  A rack of beef ribs for our first nights dinner, a full cooked English breakfast in the morning and our last night a BBQ. Thanks to you all.

John and Liz had just had the two sheep sheared and John had kept the fleece for Sue.

Left  John and I trying to impress Liz with our lack of computer knowledge.
Myself, John, Liz & Sue at Mount Tamborine after the down pour had past.
Day 7 Mount Tambourine for a few hours outing and stroll around the Clock shop which saved us from a drenching. Then a cuppa.

Day 8 We had to change travel route due to the rain had washed out section of Summerland Highway. The sun shone and once into NSW it was a 9 hour drive instead of 7 due to road works and 40k zones, this was worse than the two days travel up to Toowoomba in the rain.  The M1/Pacific Highway is  with this a joke, though many a new upgrade and town bypass, It drained us more than the days in the rain driving. It was all the way to Tinonee and Artisan's On The Hill. Located just south of Taree, hosts are Peter and Christine Calabria.

This unique gallery, with its hand's on workshops in a number of things, and B&B is nestled high up on a hill overlooking grazing land and facing the morning sun.
I met Peter through his demonstration's in wood turning at Trend Timbers, Sydney Woodshow and the woodworkforum. We met Christine on our first call in for an afternoon tea stop on our last trip north some years back.
I had to ring ahead to alert them to a late arrival, again a warm welcome as we pulled up.
Peter cooked dinner for us that evening a superb special marinated Chicken and salad.
Our room was the Huon room with lingering scent of Huon, this room is a disable wheelchair friendly room very well laid out in all aspects. The bathroom also, except for height of the wash basin.

Day 9 After the previous days 9 hour drive the last thing we wanted to do was hop in the car so we just lounged around Artisans on The Hill. Sue knitting and reading me reading and using the laptop for a short period.
Christine made us an excellent lunch of salad and chicken wraps tea was on the go always.

Peter had to work so no real shed time although he allowed me to go check out the changes.
Peter rang to see what we had planed for dinner, he graciously suggested he pick up Indian take away, a choice between us all was made an excellent choice of dishes shared between the four of us. Thanks again.

Thanks Peter and Christine for making us welcome and sharing your home also.

Day 10 An easy start to the day as we only had to reach Newcastle, calling in on a friend from the Ornamental Turners, Tim who now lives in Tinonee a short stop to catch up.

Raymond Terrace next port of call to catch up with Ian a pen turner who was in the midst of a great crisis with a pen set he had had engraved for a wedding. Great when the engraver spells the name wrong 3 times.

Into Newcastle to catch up with Mark and Helen. Mark, Sue and I wandered to the coffee cafe around the corner, after sipping hot chocolate we headed back to the motel. In returning to our motel we both fell asleep, waking at about 7.30. We headed out the door to have dinner only to find the rain had found us again, dinner in the room cooked by the motel well mine was Sue had a salad.

Day 11Wood turners of the Hunter Valley  had organised for Joey Richardson to pesent a demonstration of her methods, a full on day.
Thanks Paul for keeping us in the loop with a great demo and Joey for giving 110% non stop.

We departed the demo early to head home where Belinda and John had opened up aired the house and cooked dinner thank's guys.

Even with the rain the trip was worth while but March, April the rain is just to much to handle if you wish to get out and about along the east coast.