Saturday, September 30, 2017

Workshop Projects September

September spring has arrived and with spring comes warmer weather, not that we had a cold winter.

After repairing the Weazel Sue brought home a quick repair for Demaris one of the ladies. She had broken her knitting bag. Easy fix replace the dowel, all done with in an hour.

Project No2
I have two live centre for the wood lathes and both points have suffered over the years. So a quick machine clean up was in order with hope of using them real soon.

Project No3
The ladies had taken notice of Sue using her pin loom and so they could try them out I made four out of scrap Oregon. About 7" centre square, using bamboo skewer to hold the joins. They have been sanded and await panel pins to be fitted by Sue.

 Project No4
Sue had acquired at a market a while back a neat little hoe but  it had no handle. I already had one available just required a furel and fitting.

Project No5
My sliding compound saw has a clamp fitted to the input side to secure materials, I've always felt this was to short so made a longer one. The shorter ill be used on the out feed side. A scrap piece of Aluminium Neil had sent up suited the size fine. A 10mm tap for the clamp bolt a 16mm hole for the post end, hand shape the body. Done now just need a 10mm clamp bolt for the other one.

 Project No6
My collection of hand saws has grown slowly they are being cleaned up, resharpened but the draw in which they lived along with chisels was becoming intolerable.
A saw caddy was next!!! The angle needed to be low enough to allow the largest saw to clear the top of the draw for opening and closing. Also easy access for all.

These are all small Tenon combination or Gents saws plus a Draw knife.

The chisels storage is a must but first I must make new handles etc etc. A future project.

Project No7
This is just the beginning of a long term desire for a Rose Engine.
A while back I was able to purchase two stainless steel rods, 1600 x 1".
Cut to 800x2 500x2, taken to a gent who has a bigger lathe to face ends and centre drill. Thanks Sven.
The original main shaft acquired years ago at OTGA was poorly machined between threaded areas, so bad was one section it looked like a lumpy cam out of a race car engine. I had to machine 1/6" off to even them up bring them to 13/16" dia. This shaft will suffice for now to get me started a new one latter on.

 The stainless Steel rods being 2nd hand were in need of a clean up.
Placed between centres on the long bed wood lathe and linished of imperfections.

Similarly placed between centre on the Myford to machine the main shaft true.

Project No8
Restoration of a Coach Makers Spider Gauge purchased back in January at a swap meet.

Being my trade is a Coach Builder/ Motor Vehicle Builder this little tool although never bought or used during my time as an apprentice I had seen one before. It was an extravagant buy but well worth the $ spent. They are rare and far less finished types seen on ebay for $50 to $60.

They are used by wheelrights and carriage builders as a fast means of scribing work surfaces using two settings. Such as door frames on bodies.

 Once disassembled i was far more obvious the quality of fittings were all brass. Although the two square scribe points may be old nails. these were straightened and cleaned and given new points.

After a light sanding a few coats of Shellac on everything and reassembled. It was during the clean up the letters RFT were noticed on all three wood parts neatly stamped, I have yet to resolve if this is an owners mark, makers mark or an indicator for Right Front Tyre??

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Rosewood 2nd September

 The choice for today was Ipswich Woodcrafters open Day or Rosewood Heritage Day where Ipswich Spinners were to have a stand. I gave in and enjoyed the whole day with Sue.

 After a chat with the ladies Sue & I had lunch Sue returned to give them a lunch break and stayed till almost pack up time.