Monday, February 18, 2013

New Addition Part 2

Almost a Year ago we found this little gem .

Its been a long slow process cleaning it up sanding off the Red Oxide which was hideous on the wheel and top frame. It had to be disassembled as it is very fragile. Repairs to the wheel had to be done, some glue slivers of timber to plug gaps. A ratchet tie down was used as a clamp around the circumference helped bring it back into round.

I hand sanded with steel wool and Danish Oil to put some life back into the wood it is very dry. Then it sat on the bench or parts of it did while the top was over on the tool box etc.  Constantly having to move it to access tools or work on other jobs was beginning to become annoying and possible damage to the whole wheel.

The original (when we bought it) small feet were not even the same sizes let alone shape meant replacing all of them, these new ones will be trimmed down a little yet.

The main legs were all screwed in and were loose these had to be tightened to make the frame more rigid. Photos below of the thread area.

The brace between either side and mount for the footman was broken at one end, a hand whittled dowel glued and fitted. The other end has had a wedge fitted at some stage to tighten it up.

 One of the new feet this is the shape of one of four of the original feet.

Left The peg hand whittled buy Sue to hold the wheel in place.

Right A missing peg replaced again hand whittled by Sue.
 Reassembled and its looking good, much more stable than 10 months ago.

Its still requires a lot of work, further sanding and oiling. I have to make bobbins and the flyer needs repair or total remake. Its one less spinning wheel in the workshop. Two more to go.

Dyeing & Carding of Fleece

 Sue has over the last month or so been dyeing and carding a variety of fleece. Alpaca, Husky/Mallamute and Merino.

This Alpaca was sent up by a good friend Geoff Steer who moved to Port Huon in Tasmania last year. 

 Hair of The Dog
 Carding fleece and Husky/Mallamute.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

What a Week its Been

Yes for both of us we have had a busy week all sorts happening, with some time out also.

I spent many hours/days trying to get a decent internal sanded finish on a Tassie Blackwood Ginger Jar I am making with Black Hearted Sassafras lid .

The Blackwood was given to me by Pat Keefe some time ago, 3 years I think. It sat on the shelf looking at me often waiting for the right time and inspiration. I had an idea of shape and design that was to change dramatically.

While working away at another project I noticed a small amount of very fine dust on the shelf and some strange marks in the cambian layer of the Blackwood.

Pests and diseases
Acacia melanoxylon trees are highly susceptible to attack by Lorantheceous parasites and the fungus Armillaria mellea. .

Woodworm was my problem

This was not good.

First line of attack was a large garbage bag sprayed heavily with a can of Pest control spray even though the whole house has been sprayed a few times and the timber storage area. This was left outdoors for some weeks.

Next step a drowning in soapy water solution for about a week or more, then after a few days draining, a twenty minute session in the microwave which we share in the garage for dyeing and drying. 

In using the Microwave process I weigh up the size, weight, density and type of timber for temperature and length of time. I however always do the session in increments opening the door and checking periodically. I then left it for a few days before mounting it on a false tenon.

The original design due to worm holes, dry rot and cambian layer crumberling was not going to happen. During turning I had to change plans three times. 

I had to use some interesting tools for gouging out and turning the internal shape (photos of tools to come)

 Views of all 4 sides, colour change and the grain.

With the Sassafras Lid fitted a very tight push fit.

In the photos on the right you can see remnants of the worm holes.

There was lots of sanding to do with this vessel especially internal.
I had to come up with something cheap and fast as reaching the bottom with fingers was just possible.

I purchased these all from Bunnings with my Christmas Birthday gift vouchers (plus a few other things) as can be seen I only used the battery drill and course grit and the hand held system. 
This I rested on the tool rest while working in an arc and flattening the bottom and smoothing the sides much as you would scrap.

Danish oil applied externally while Walnut Oil internally being its to be used for food (Ginger) awaiting drying before final finish. That will be a few weeks yet. I'll post a final photo here then.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chinese New Year

Its been a few years since we celebrated Chinese New Year as a family,  often we went out to restaurants. It later became a family thing to do at home Sue cooking the meal. Often having others joins us, either friends of ours or the children's. The last Chinese banquet Sue did (2005 I think) took three days preparation, two days worth of cooking and 26 or was it 29 dishes for 14 of us.

Sue created a  Banquet this year of 10 dishes for the two of us with plenty left over.

Mini Spring Rolls plus Thai dipping sauce
San Choy Bow and Lettuce
Prawn Omelet with a nice sauce 
Fried Rice and Jasmin Rice
Spicy Tofu
Five Spice Vegetables
Garlic and Ginger Chicken 
BBQ Ribs and BBQ Honey Soy Chicken Wings both were cooked on the BBQ outside.

Oh and fresh Lemon Grass Tea

Monday, February 4, 2013

Over & Under 12 Gauge Shotgun Pen

A neighbour Wayne is a pen collector as well as a keen shotgun shooter I made him a Bolt Action Pen last year. He had heard of the Over & Under 12 Gauge Shotgun Pen about the same time it just took a while for them to land here.

This Gold Roller Ball Kit purchased from Pops Shed.

Ian Dorno of Hunter Valley Custom Pens made the acrylic as close as possible to the Red Winchester shell case. Wayne's Stringy Bark was again used for the lower barrel.

 The finished pen weighs approx 16 grams the shell cap end is smaller than the real 12 Gauge shell in diameter.

Updated 5th February to add.

I ordered 2 Gun Metal kits also these were supplied by Mark from 043turning.

I decided instead of a separate post I'd just add this Gun Metal one here.

Acrylic was given to me some time ago I think by Sam, it was very dark almost black a test turn gave a purple colour. It looks very Tortoise shell the reflextion of the brass tube enhances it.

Timber is Stringy bark.