Monday, February 4, 2013

Over & Under 12 Gauge Shotgun Pen

A neighbour Wayne is a pen collector as well as a keen shotgun shooter I made him a Bolt Action Pen last year. He had heard of the Over & Under 12 Gauge Shotgun Pen about the same time it just took a while for them to land here.

This Gold Roller Ball Kit purchased from Pops Shed.

Ian Dorno of Hunter Valley Custom Pens made the acrylic as close as possible to the Red Winchester shell case. Wayne's Stringy Bark was again used for the lower barrel.

 The finished pen weighs approx 16 grams the shell cap end is smaller than the real 12 Gauge shell in diameter.

Updated 5th February to add.

I ordered 2 Gun Metal kits also these were supplied by Mark from 043turning.

I decided instead of a separate post I'd just add this Gun Metal one here.

Acrylic was given to me some time ago I think by Sam, it was very dark almost black a test turn gave a purple colour. It looks very Tortoise shell the reflextion of the brass tube enhances it.

Timber is Stringy bark.


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