Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chinese New Year

Its been a few years since we celebrated Chinese New Year as a family,  often we went out to restaurants. It later became a family thing to do at home Sue cooking the meal. Often having others joins us, either friends of ours or the children's. The last Chinese banquet Sue did (2005 I think) took three days preparation, two days worth of cooking and 26 or was it 29 dishes for 14 of us.

Sue created a  Banquet this year of 10 dishes for the two of us with plenty left over.

Mini Spring Rolls plus Thai dipping sauce
San Choy Bow and Lettuce
Prawn Omelet with a nice sauce 
Fried Rice and Jasmin Rice
Spicy Tofu
Five Spice Vegetables
Garlic and Ginger Chicken 
BBQ Ribs and BBQ Honey Soy Chicken Wings both were cooked on the BBQ outside.

Oh and fresh Lemon Grass Tea

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