Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Odd Jobs and Maintenance

Odd jobs they pop up everywhere no matter what field your in.

"Can you do this 5 min job please"

I learnt a long time ago there is no such thing as a 5 min job, if this was the case they'd do it themselves. I include myself in this crowd even when doing it for myself.

I had/have a list of odd jobs to complete a baby Swift to repair for winding wool, boxes to make, cabinets to put wheels on. Wood to mill, cut and store.

Maintenance of tools is important if they are worn, parts falling off, need re-aligning or tuning up for best performance. I try to put tools away when finished with them a quick clean isn't always good enough.

One such odd job was fitting the new metal bandsaw blade and giving it a test run. I covered two jobs in one a block of steel which had seen better days. I had to trim off the outer rust before it got tossed 5"x3"x2" it had been used as a door stop by my father in law. .

The cut has been the best as far as square and true I have got the thin cut to remove the rusted surface is excellent although I have yet to check it all for square.

The steel block will get used somewhere coated with oil or lacquer to protect its surface.

Requested 3 Tier Stand

Neighbours Wayne and Lor often stop in for a chat when walking their dogs.  Wayne mentioned this prior Christmas I thought he was joking. Nope he brought Lor down with a bribe.

Lor likes to entertain and has requested a 3 Tier sandwich and cake table serving unit.

I suggested NSW Rosewood which was sourced through Greg & Mal Ward at Boutique Timbers these are the slabs marked out. I have already cut them into rounds if and when it stops raining I'll do what I can when I can.

Platter sizes will be 18"x3/4 for the base, 14"x1/2" centre, 10"x1/2" for the top with 6" between plus a finial/handle. I might try the new Longworth out before I give it to Pat.

Time to stand down and hit the Workshop

To make a choice to stand down as Newsletter editor of the Ornamental Turners Group of Australia just prior Christmas for me wasn't an easy, I was enjoying the task.  Although its only a quarterly production its was 10 pages and lots of research etc. Trouble was I was not tackling my own work load in my workshop often enough.

Now with 4 grand children to make toys and tools for etc, as well as other projects and a growing family I need to spend time with let alone Sue and I.

1st up is one which should have been started and completed 2 years ago a pair of Longworth Chucks for Pat a mate.  Ok I created the drawings back then which Pat printed out.

1st one almost done is 590mm two sheets of 3/4 ply with 8 arms. The 2nd will be 900mm yet to be even marked out, It will be a two man job to handle the routing etc.This was done dodging showers and rain squalls. I have yet to mount it and test it, with the buttons etc fitted to true it up. A sand and quick finish for smooth running.

The two faces are interacting, when one is placed over the other in opposite directions. The plates are rotated in action they pull the buttons inward or outward to hold the work piece mainly used for finish the base of platters and bowls.