Sunday, May 27, 2018

Ray's Shed Time

Sue had requested her Swift I made some years back be altered to have larger Yoke arms. I had no idea what course the project would take once I decided to make four full new ones in hope they would be enjoyed by Sue's fellow spinners. All four were snapped up on the day Sue took them up.

Bases, slide blocks and knobs all made from QLD Red Gum from the neighbours tree cut down some time ago. The Yoke arms and connecting arms made from marine Ply. The Dowel is Tassie Oak. The first batch were all lacquered with Brush on Polly.

This was followed by a request for more to be taken along to the Spinners weekend camp this weekend. I had 4 weeks in which to do these a couple of problems popped up over the time including time at the pool 3 days a week we both needed it.

I got 3 completed had 75% of two made but needed more Marine Ply they are the darker ones below.

All the same materials as above except the arms were finished with spray on lacquer while everything else was Danish Oil. The Marine ply is just what you get off the shelf each time.

 I had just enough time left to make 4 drop spindles also also QLD Re Gum finished with UBeaut Shellawax. They range  from 28g's to 37g's

 Have to thank Sue for a lot of her help during the making of the Swifts, she did a lot of sanding of the arms and applied the finish to the arms also.

In The Background

On days when Se had nothing to do she sets about making stuff for Charity these cute little mice off to somewhere unknown for children.

As Ipswich Historical Society Spinners & Weavers were having a weekend camp the ladies all had been asked to assist in making some give away combined project to those who attended. These were felted scissor holders.

One in particular got snapped up by Dee as soon as she saw it, she wove up on her inkle loom a strap to hang it from her neck. Something about her being a Whoovia.

 As the weather had cooled down to a mild 26C Sue took to rearranging the vegi garden beds. These were copping a whopping during summer time as the sheet metal sides were heating up drying out the beds and making the soil rock hard.
Sue took 3 days to remove plants, remove the side walls. Dig up the grassed area were the beds would be moved to and re-install the soil with added content, re-plant and re-lay lawn where it was bare.

The other growth around the yard is amazing after just 2 years.


I was given by Sally a few new Bonsai as they are selling up and moving. I'd also bought a couple of Juniper to train and Bonsai.

 My Olive which is growing beautifully is all from what was left of a much larger one given to me by son mark some years ago. It after a trim has also produced two further plants, see below right.
 Left one of the acquired Figs

 One of the acquired Rubber tree Plants.
Flowering Wisteria right.

New Double Weave Setup

Over the last month days have been taken up for Sue setting up for the next Double Weave which is to be 46" wide x 260" long. After much searching for suitable colours cones were obtained from Bendigo Mill's. These sat adorning the top of the loom until such time the final choice was made.

The warping began our grandchildren and some other may think these are a particular NRL team colours no intention ever was of this.

That all sorted time for the hard work to begin threading the Loom. Talk about "At a loose End"

 These are the days I wish i could cook dinner and do other things for Sue so she doesn't have all those household chores on top of this. I do my best to stay out of the way in my workshop.

Heddles threaded back beam tided up, just the weaving to begin.

Beanie Festival 2018

Almost every night for a few weeks Sue was busy knitting up Beanies to enter into Alice Springs Beanie festival. end of June early July.