Saturday, January 15, 2011

Froggy Went A Walking

Seems like the song our resident Frog has been roaming around. We still have not been able to identify the frog species as yet. if anyone can please let us know.

Edited and Update

After much searching I found some information on our resident Peron's Tree Frog. Thanks to Hunter Valley back Yard Nature

Peron's Tree Frogs have bright yellow with black mottling on the armpits, groin and back of thighs which is a key identifying feature if you are fortunate to glimpse this as it moves around. Its back is rough-textured, but varies in colour from almost white to a pale green-grey, through shades of light brown, to reddish brown.

It is recorded that the Peron's Tree Frog will change its colour depending on the light exposure, temperature, moisture and other factors. I have not been lucky enough to observe this.

All Peron's Tree Frogs I have seen have been flecked with pale irridescent-like green irregularly shaped spots over the back, although research indicates that this feature is not always present.
We had our grandchildren over this morning they had come to wish us a Happy Birthday. Sue took them out to see if they could find the frog back in his main hiding spot. A pot on our out door table, sure enough he was there. I believe there maybe more than one.