Sunday, December 26, 2010

I heard a thump

Silky Oak Logs

I was sitting in side talking on the phone with my cousin who had just returned from the UK where she had been while her daughter gave birth.

 I heard a thump knew it wouldn't be Santa surely not on Boxing Day he'd be to busy still delivering around the other side of the world. I went out side to find a friend Hughie had been and left me some nice logs of Silky Oak a round of Pine and a stand.Thanks Hughie!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gemini Dreams

Gemini Dreams a great Moody Blues song

A son born under the Gemini sign

This is a pen and pencil kit from 043turning called the Gemini, Sue liked the look and style, the wood is Lilli Pilli.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Fountain Pen

A Sedona Fountain Pen Kit was from Addictive Pens Kits, Acrylic blank came from Simonatra a fantastic pen turner. The pen is for our daughter at her request pity it took so long to find the right acrylic.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rebuilt Desk

Its taken time but at last its finished, stable, solid and in use again already. The use of Connector Bolts means easy to move should we need to.
Top finished with 4 coats of Wipe on Polly, the rest Danish Oil.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Frog II

The Frog's back we were sitting watching TV the other night before sundown when out of nowhere a loud croak happened Sue crab the camera and found his sitting at the top of the pot again much bigger  now. Still no idea what sort he is.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Man's Shed is his Refuge.

While some have sheds worthy of Royalty with every conceivable new tool and clean as a TV show hosts with no sign of sawdust anywhere, not so mine a simple single garage is it. No the car won't fit in. Storage of tools is one of those things that must be taken care of. Thanks goes to a number of people from the Woodwork Forum who helped make a new tool cabinet happen.
Snowyskiesau/ Geoff who was getting rid of some MDF sheets, Wongo/Scott who after picking it all up relinquished a sheet. Most of all a big thanks to Fletty, Alan who created it, my design he did the hard work. This gave me time to do the other things I have written about below.
Gentleman Woodworker

Draw Fronts & Handles fitted
Thanks to all.

Another Step Forward

Just as winter was heading south or is that north I got inspired to make headway with both spinning wheels, the restoration and the copy for Sue.

The restoration needed one new leg and a repair to one. Making a new leg was easier than the repair, I had to cut a portion off the bottom where the footman adjoins, drilling a hole to accommodate the tenon off the new piece. The remaining original leg needed a small repair at the hole area where the footman adjoins a simple plug and new hole drilled.The new leg and repair have also been aged but still need a little work done in this to match them up.

I have started to assemble those parts which have been repaired and given a coating of Rustins Danish Oil. I have since taking this photo made the leather pieces to carry the bobbin shaft. I will take a photo and post it later.

I acquired more English Oak to make the new wheel for Sue's and both footman. The old wheel's footman was Cedar and in a poor way the cross brace which carried the shaft and main load would not have survived a repair.  

The old wheel and material for Sue's wheel, spalted English Oak still damp. I have cut it to size but need to check constantly as shrinkage in this heat is bound to happen and may mean I'll need more and this will have to be used for something else.

Elm Candel Holder II

Another real nice piece of Elm from Hughie a man who can make just about any tool for turning.

Little different in shape and big difference in glass for the candle to the last one. I found the glass after months of searching, finally got it at Fairfield markets a nice bit of frosted glass.

Norfolk Island Pine

A neighbour had a Norfolk Island Pine cut down about 7 months ago not to large a tree about 25, 30ft high. I was lucky enough to receive quite a lot of the cut pieces, saving the tree lopper taking it to the tip and paying the tip fee's.

I passed on to a few friends some of the pieces saving myself 3 or 4 different sizes. I had taken a piece out to the Ornamental Turners club so Darrell Smith could do a demonstration. The wood was still very wet and spalted, the knots from the branches well placed.

Darrell is the busiest bloke there, so I decided to get stuck in and turn it myself recently, Darrell lent me his Rolly Munroe tool. With advice from many and having seen some amazing works done at the Hawaii Woodturners site I set about having a go.

Only having access to the lathe at the club once a week made it difficult, shrinkage the biggest problem. Whilst still roughing the shape it spat out of the chuck, due also to the new shape of the Power Grip jaws from Nova, which are now Dovetail not true straight sided. So I had to take it home and mount the blank on the Jet mini and re-shape the dovetail base.
Lesson learned check chuck constantly when doing wet wood as it dries it shrinks and depending on the day faster than you think.

Deep hollowing is fun and with even the basic tools a lot can be achieved, with special tools like the Rolly shaping the interior takes some mastering.

 I worked it as far as I could on the Nova at the club and finally brought it home to complete, turning it on the Jet mini was heart stopping at times as space is at a premium. The Jet handled it well, can't say the same for me especially when the top 1/4" of the lip had damage, no idea how so I had to turn that away which changed the shape somewhat. During the turning process at home I used Organ Oils Hard Burnishing Oil which helped reduce tear out and gave a smoother cut.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Desk

This project started 4 or more years ago while I was still on my feet and using a walking stick to get around. I had got to the point of it needed one last coat on the top then broken tib & fib of the left leg putting me out of contention of finishing it off for a while.  Then a heart attack 2 years ago.

Frustrated every time I saw the desk top sitting against the wall in the garage and the desk I was using, the MDF crumbling more and more. In desperation I attacked my desk in the office 2 weeks ago, pulling it apart. Keeping the draws, metal slides and legs which were good Hardwood. The replacement rails are off an old queen size bed.

I sanded the legs back, and set about building a carcase for the set of draws this is all CD ply. Replacing the draw fronts getting rid of MDF and plastic cheap handles I hated.  I edged the draw fronts with some old growth Jarrah a set of Gold plated handles from Bunnings not the cheapest set but close.

More photo's to come but here is the draws. Hopefully by the end of next week I'll have a completed desk.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

2 Sue's to Weave

After receiving two scarves  my name sake wanted to try her hand at some weaving. The idea was to set up the loom with the warp ready for for her to start one for a friend. Having chosen a blue colour scheme using wool, acrylic and mohair, I set up the warp so all she had to do was the actual weaving.

It didn't take too long before she was confident enough to work unsupervised, leaving me to wash up the lunch dishes, serving coffee and biscuits and getting the odd bit of spinning in.

The odd break from weaving left her time to read out the revisions to her first manuscript as yet unpublished. A few days and another bobbin of yarn for the weft spun up hurriedly and the scarf was finished. Cut from the loom and fulled. Now this scarf is ready for its new owner.  

Sunday, November 14, 2010


A few braid making Lucettes. Bone, Horn & Tortoiseshell.
A fellow wood turner in the UK made some Lucets, Mark made his from a variety materials.  Mark is into a variety of works, hobbies and motorbikes. Browse his workshop.

Edit to post 1651hrs 15th Nov 2010.

Today a parcel arrived from the UK Mark posted Sue one of his lovley Tortoise Shell Lucets. Thank you Mark it will be treasured. 

While showing Sue Mark's work it reminded her I had not made replacement ones lost and broken and I had been asked some time back. So the scrollsaw got a work out making two one with a handle one without. Both English oak.