Sunday, December 12, 2010

Another Step Forward

Just as winter was heading south or is that north I got inspired to make headway with both spinning wheels, the restoration and the copy for Sue.

The restoration needed one new leg and a repair to one. Making a new leg was easier than the repair, I had to cut a portion off the bottom where the footman adjoins, drilling a hole to accommodate the tenon off the new piece. The remaining original leg needed a small repair at the hole area where the footman adjoins a simple plug and new hole drilled.The new leg and repair have also been aged but still need a little work done in this to match them up.

I have started to assemble those parts which have been repaired and given a coating of Rustins Danish Oil. I have since taking this photo made the leather pieces to carry the bobbin shaft. I will take a photo and post it later.

I acquired more English Oak to make the new wheel for Sue's and both footman. The old wheel's footman was Cedar and in a poor way the cross brace which carried the shaft and main load would not have survived a repair.  

The old wheel and material for Sue's wheel, spalted English Oak still damp. I have cut it to size but need to check constantly as shrinkage in this heat is bound to happen and may mean I'll need more and this will have to be used for something else.

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