Sunday, December 26, 2010

I heard a thump

Silky Oak Logs

I was sitting in side talking on the phone with my cousin who had just returned from the UK where she had been while her daughter gave birth.

 I heard a thump knew it wouldn't be Santa surely not on Boxing Day he'd be to busy still delivering around the other side of the world. I went out side to find a friend Hughie had been and left me some nice logs of Silky Oak a round of Pine and a stand.Thanks Hughie!!


  1. I believe it had been used for a variety of things. It consists of the 3 legged plastic feet with adjustable height to stabilise or level it. A stainless steel shaft, where plastic retainer is mounted and on top a 12mm Alloy plate. I already have one dismantled at the moment. Ideas for use are, Dust extractor mount, light mount, change stainless tube to allow two tubes one inside the other to make it height adjustable.

  2. Looks good Ray.
    To you slab the logs on a bandsaw or keep them for turning?

  3. Hi Daniel
    I normally share them around Daniel then keep some for turning. In this case though its a hard decision as Sue we found has an asthmatic reaction to Silky Oak. I would like to slab 3 of the logs and see what I get out of them, the 4th keep for turning bowls. In slabbing them using the bandsaw (I got a new 1.3tpi blade for Christmas) if enough clean wood is there maybe furniture use or boxes.

  4. Yes Ray. Silky Oak has a bad reputation for upsetting some soles. Even someone as pretty and unassuming as Your beautiful wife Sue. (Hi Sue) I wood (Sorry Would) be interested to see how the new blade goes with disecting the logs. I have rather a few logs that should be bored/boarded. Cheers and all the best for the New Year. Graeme & Tara

  5. Might have to trade logs Graeme, depending on what you have.


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