Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Man's Shed is his Refuge.

While some have sheds worthy of Royalty with every conceivable new tool and clean as a TV show hosts with no sign of sawdust anywhere, not so mine a simple single garage is it. No the car won't fit in. Storage of tools is one of those things that must be taken care of. Thanks goes to a number of people from the Woodwork Forum who helped make a new tool cabinet happen.
Snowyskiesau/ Geoff who was getting rid of some MDF sheets, Wongo/Scott who after picking it all up relinquished a sheet. Most of all a big thanks to Fletty, Alan who created it, my design he did the hard work. This gave me time to do the other things I have written about below.
Gentleman Woodworker

Draw Fronts & Handles fitted
Thanks to all.

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