Monday, May 31, 2010

Cedar Pot Pourie Bowl

A simple Pot Pourie Bowl with a Putter lid.

Rosewood Walking Stick, Candel Holder and Cake Stand

I am a member of The Ornamental Turners Group of Australia . A good friend David Laird is my mentor his work in Barley Twists is amazing. His walking sticks well worth having one. David's supplies of NSW scented Rosewood which these are all made from comes from Mal's Boutique Timbers

David also designs and builds many of our jig's, tools and is always able to come up with new idea's. His work with the Rose Engine is a never over the top.

Felting Boots & Scarf

I suffer from cold feet during winter but these boots sure keep me warm while sitting back relaxing. Felted by Sue

The scarf was a test Sue did which turned out quite nice and very fine.

Felted them from wool.

Time For Tea

Ah that first sip of a fine cup of tea.

Sue made this lovely Tea set which was raffled off during the Fairfield Weavers Spinners and Dyers Biggest Morning Tea a fund raising for Cancer.

Toy's & Rolling Pin's

I found a toy I thought the grandchildren might like to play with its very simple to make it's called the "Clown Drop".  It even gets the oldies in.

 Thanks Steve The Scrollsaw Workshop worth it a short video on how it works The Clown Drop

A good friend had some Tassie timbers dropped off they were all turning blanks small and large for pens and rolling pins. A god selection consisting of Huon Pine. Tassie Blackwood, Tassie Myrtel. Alan doesn't turn or thing square into round (well not on a lathe anyway), so in passing them onto me he asked would I make a pair of Rolling pins for his favourite son in-law. Tassie Blackwood with  Huon Pine Handles and visa versa.

Knee Deep

We kept hearing this amazing Frog deep croaking sound and thought it was coming from our pond until I over filled a pot plant which had no drain hole. While sitting having a coffee at the table we noticed it come to the rim of the pot. On removing the plant which was in a plastic pot inside the stone one we found not one but two Frogs.

We released them o the pond some 8 feet away only for the larger to return to the pot within three days. Thats across the ground and back onto the out door table into the pot.

Cracker Bowls

A log obviously had been cut into blanks to form 3 separate bits, I had been given them. Rough turned and sat them down on the "To Do Later" pile. Months later I started to turn one, then the other, sat it on top of the first and saw what became this trio of bowls. The bottom one had the flaw I was going to fill it, decided it looked better this way.

The timber is unknown except for the Jarrah knob.Our daughter has claimed it as her's..

This one is Spalted Macadamia a segmented piece my first segmented work a 50mmx50mmx 300mm long cut into four giving nice size Cracker bowl.

Chuck & Face Ring

I had an old VW (Volkswagon)  Steering Boss I had kept hidden away it had been replaced as it was causing trouble. It has now been converted to a 1x10 jam chuck and a face ring for my Jet mini lathe. It can be adapted for use also as the mounting for a Longworth Chuck I have yet to make.