Sunday, January 6, 2019

December Special Edition

 After much humming and haring tossing the idea about it was decided that we would do a trip to Sydney 1- To see Belinda for her Birthday, 2- to hand deliver presents to her 3 hand deliver the Christmas gifts including Gingerbread houses.

 Left home on Thursday morning early straight down New England Highway with minimal stops. Weather looked threatening most of the way got some rain but the results closer to Singelton was amazing


 Friday's drive from Singelton down Putty Road was fog or rain or both most of the way. These photos off the balcony at Winsdor Motel tell the story right next to the new bridge build.
It bucketed down most of Friday but we sure surprised Bel and the rest of the family and friends. Mind you we got just as much of a shock seeing how much Western Sydney has changed in two and a half years.

Not sure if and when we'll do that trip again, great to see our growing family and spend what time we could with them. To catch up with close friends.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

November through December Part 3

It was coming fast our daughters 40th birthday, I'd made the pens as requested. Sue was busy in the Kitchen as well as spinning,weaving, gardening and chores. Oh no I wasn't sitting about doing nothing secret project on the bench yet to be relieved.

Cooking well nothing new coming up from Christmas just making four Gingerbread Houses in one go as well as cookies.

These three Gingerbread Houses below showing back and front were for our Children down in Sydney. The cookies for friends down there also. Now what was she thinking????

Somewhere in between all of the above she had time to do some dyeing.

 A Sunday drive up to Woodford to pick up and buy some fibre very nice Grey fibre which was originally from Tasmania not the Alpaca we went for. However sue got to have a play on a Wind Wheel.


She did get time to sit and relax........well sort of sorting dyed fibre.

 Add to these things making eight jars of Mustard Pickles two of which went to Sydney to a mate desperate as he'd run out of Sue's home made and had to resort to a commercial brand. 

It made the Christmas Tree just in time for New year hand made lace.

November through December Part 2

We had Den back again this time to construct and install a vine climbing frame for Sue's Jasmin, took Den about 4 hours to construct, bore the holes pour the cement have it set up.

Since then Sue has slowly constructed a new garden along the fence line plants include are as follows :- Jasmin, Lavender, two varieties of Gardenia, Pineapple Sage, Butterfly plant (vine) which is to the right post. A scattering of Marigold and a Salvia on left side of post some I've forgotten.

I'm missing some photos of all the plants in will post them when I locate or take new ones.

November Through December Part 1

Hope all had a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

Since the previous post in November things happened in all directions.

These are in no particular order of events, projects etc.

In the wood work department the need to update an tool handle made 40+ years ago at work (so you can say it was factory made) became a reality. Along with making a similar one for another similar tool. These being a Flat profile Body File and a 1/2 round also which the two blades I scored at a sale during the year.
The timber is Queensland Qulited Maple from Richard which I mentioned and had a photo of back in June -September.

 Roughed out top & right is the 1/2 round
Below is the flat frame with a very different horn for better grip.

 Right out of the scrap I made a very small hand held bow sander.

 Left is my 40+ year old Oregon body file handle it has seen many jobs over that time.
Below the underside where the file impression has been left in the wood.

Although I drilled the holes for the dowel at 3/4" 19mm the dowel at hand wasn't large enough so I used bicycle inner tube o help secure the strip of linishing paper. I will turn up better fitting dowels to secure it.

Started  Last January when I made my cousin Keith's wife Avis her Lazy Susan, this Camphor bowl has sat in the Cole Jaws all that time. In comparison the gain and colour was vastly different out of the one bit of timber.

Inside has been oiled with Macadamia Nut oil as it will be used for food. The underside is yet to be finished???? An experiment in colouring wood about to happen.
 Sue requested I whip up a Russian style drop spindle out a piece of timber she like in the workshop, from memory it is Celery Top Pine. A little light for this use but she likes it.

A repair to my two draw tool box, just prior moving the runner on the top draw right side decided to loose bearings and headed south. I finally ordered from McJings at Yagoona four new draw runners and replaced the lot. That however cost me more than the runners as I had to buy an air rivet gun also none of my hand ones would pull well enough the 5/16 riverts which were all sealed type.