Friday, July 13, 2012

The Platters That Matter Completed.

We tried doing this yesterday but the weather had other ideas.

I can only hope that its use is often and enjoyed.

 The parts of the system are:- 18" base, 14 " centre, 10" top platters. Upper and centre column and lower column flange, 2 finials (King & Queen) and base for 14" when on its own.

 Fully assembled as a 3 tier stand.

 As separate platters with the finials attached, Queen for the 18" and King for the 14".

 Various combinations in the arrangement can be made.
Left is the 18" with Queen finial on its own. Beside is the 14" and 10". Right is the 18" and 10" with the 14" and King finial.

Left is the 18" and 10".
Right 18" and 10" with 14" and King finial. 

Below 14" and King finial.

Here is the 18" and 14" with King Finial and 10" 

Below is the 10"

Here is the 14" and 10" the 14" has the large base under to create a floating experience and is part of the assembly for stability.

 The beauty of this system is its versatility to suit almost any occasion or function small and intimate, medium or larger.

I want to thank Lor and Wayne for the opportunity to do such a fine project. 
Greg and Mal Ward from Boutique Timbers for selecting and supplying the beautiful New South Wales Rosewood.

Sue for her help during the whole project, from vetting phone calls, making me take breaks, being my at hand tester, all her help from start to finish (she's writing details on the pieces as I type).

Thanks to those who have followed this also your patients and comments on the Woodworking Forum.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Queen Of Hearts

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Queen Of Hearts - Your Move            Last stages of production was to make two finials so when the platters were used in particular ways these could adorn and dress the two platters which have holes in the centre. Rosewood with false Ivory crowns resembling Chess pieces. I had thoughts of Alice In Wonderland characters actually, you know Mad Hatters Tea Party.

A dig in using the Scew chisel required a design change on one of the finials it also allows for knowing which finial is for which platter set up.

 Then came lots of sanding for the Barley Twists and the finials, most of this was done during the weeks of foul weather with garage door closed and small fan heater on.

Finally a break in the weather, prediction was to be 20C with early morning showers, they got that wrong. Rained most of the night ground was still wet even at 10am. Wayne just happened to drop in on his way to work (got to warm the car up). By 11am ground was dry enough to start the spraying process.

Sorry we were to busy Sue and I to take photos while spraying, besides not a good idea to have a camera about when spraying unless its well protected even a small one. These photos are of when everything had been sprayed and I was cleaning the gun its over 30 years a Sampson has never let me down yet. Still it was cleaned and checked prior use.

Thanks goes to son in law John for the loan of his compressor, fixed the leak and replaced the gauge and gave it a new hose .

Sue I owe big time as she helped all day moving the sprayed items around and setting the next one up for spraying.

Final photos to come all of each set up.

Chilli Platter

Last November at Hare & Forbes 3 day sale when the OTGA was  demonstrating Darrell Smith was turning a Liquid Amber piece, he found it had worm holes and set it aside as it was to have been a clock. At the end of the three days Darrell decided he could not get out of it what he was after so I scored it.
I turned away quite a bit to remove evidence of the worm holes to find quite a nice surprise hidden with in the platter, what appears to be a chilli, is actually a branch or knot.

Size approx 250x20 finished with sprayed Satin Timberlac.

Monday, July 9, 2012

New Guinea Rosewood Pens

A few years ago I was given a nice length of New Guinea Rosewood at a meeting of Cumberland Woodworkers, approx 60x25x1500 long. No one else wanted it! comments such as its unattractive, will have to much silica in it, its not big enough to make anything out of came to my ears. It was thrust into my hands to take home, otherwise it would have become firewood at the presidents home.

 I decided that  I could get a matching pair if cut side by side. I marked each set a number of ways so not to confuse matters. Drilled to size then the brass tubes sanded and glued. I have a small rack which easily accommodates them while working through the stages of gluing, turning, sanding and finishing. It also when you take note of which is which keeps them as a pair and matched set.

Well Bill and others here's just a sample of this beautiful piece of waste timber, thanks goes to Bob Meaher for bringing it in in the first place. I have another two to put together and another eight already drilled ready for future pens.

The pen kits are Baron II Roller and Fountain Pen from Timberbits these have pentagon faceted nib area.They come with Smick roller ball and a common fountain pen refill, the fountain pen also comes with a syringe style refill if the need to change colour from standard black to blue is required.

 The above photos were all taken outdoors full sun no colour correction. I have tried to capture the true colour indoors but having trouble in doing so without use of lights which of course changes the colour again. The following photos were taken no flash, dull window light only.

Oranges & Lemons

Winter has slowed me down somewhat this year and kept me in doors for a few days. Its not all bad winter brings new things come spring just a month away.

Sue as always busy doing much including cooking winter type foods and such. Chicken pies, Cornbeef pie, Steak and Kidney, cakes and biscuits.

Neighbours have been very generous with the fruits off their orange, lemon and mandarin trees. Of course we can't eat them all so Sue makes batches of Lemon Butter and Marmalade, even a Whisky Marmalade or preserved lemons which goes into other delicious dishes.
This batch plus a further 13 or so jars will be going to a Country Fair 14th October at Mater Dei Camden  

The ladies from Fairfield Spinners Weavers and Dyers have been attending and demonstrating their craft for some years and will be attending again this year.

Of course the old nursery rhyme Oranges and Lemons always comes to mind.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Matching Set

A long term friend is getting married and I said I'd like to make a set of pens for Anita and Peter to sign the registry. Peter asked for a set they could use instead of once used putting back in a box and into a draw.

The choice was to be similar to the colours being chosen for the wedding itself.

Pen Kit is Gold Baron II Fountain and Roller Ball from Timberbits, the timber is Tasmanian Blackwood which I scored from Stan Ceglinski.  Finish is Timberlac Satin brushed and sanded after each coat then buffed.