Thursday, July 12, 2012

Queen Of Hearts

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Queen Of Hearts - Your Move            Last stages of production was to make two finials so when the platters were used in particular ways these could adorn and dress the two platters which have holes in the centre. Rosewood with false Ivory crowns resembling Chess pieces. I had thoughts of Alice In Wonderland characters actually, you know Mad Hatters Tea Party.

A dig in using the Scew chisel required a design change on one of the finials it also allows for knowing which finial is for which platter set up.

 Then came lots of sanding for the Barley Twists and the finials, most of this was done during the weeks of foul weather with garage door closed and small fan heater on.

Finally a break in the weather, prediction was to be 20C with early morning showers, they got that wrong. Rained most of the night ground was still wet even at 10am. Wayne just happened to drop in on his way to work (got to warm the car up). By 11am ground was dry enough to start the spraying process.

Sorry we were to busy Sue and I to take photos while spraying, besides not a good idea to have a camera about when spraying unless its well protected even a small one. These photos are of when everything had been sprayed and I was cleaning the gun its over 30 years a Sampson has never let me down yet. Still it was cleaned and checked prior use.

Thanks goes to son in law John for the loan of his compressor, fixed the leak and replaced the gauge and gave it a new hose .

Sue I owe big time as she helped all day moving the sprayed items around and setting the next one up for spraying.

Final photos to come all of each set up.

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