Friday, July 13, 2012

The Platters That Matter Completed.

We tried doing this yesterday but the weather had other ideas.

I can only hope that its use is often and enjoyed.

 The parts of the system are:- 18" base, 14 " centre, 10" top platters. Upper and centre column and lower column flange, 2 finials (King & Queen) and base for 14" when on its own.

 Fully assembled as a 3 tier stand.

 As separate platters with the finials attached, Queen for the 18" and King for the 14".

 Various combinations in the arrangement can be made.
Left is the 18" with Queen finial on its own. Beside is the 14" and 10". Right is the 18" and 10" with the 14" and King finial.

Left is the 18" and 10".
Right 18" and 10" with 14" and King finial. 

Below 14" and King finial.

Here is the 18" and 14" with King Finial and 10" 

Below is the 10"

Here is the 14" and 10" the 14" has the large base under to create a floating experience and is part of the assembly for stability.

 The beauty of this system is its versatility to suit almost any occasion or function small and intimate, medium or larger.

I want to thank Lor and Wayne for the opportunity to do such a fine project. 
Greg and Mal Ward from Boutique Timbers for selecting and supplying the beautiful New South Wales Rosewood.

Sue for her help during the whole project, from vetting phone calls, making me take breaks, being my at hand tester, all her help from start to finish (she's writing details on the pieces as I type).

Thanks to those who have followed this also your patients and comments on the Woodworking Forum.


  1. The platters look fantastic Ray. You have really done justice to some great pieces of timber. Will let you guys know when we are next passing thru Sydney. Cheers Geoff.

    1. Thanks Monty. Another to do now this time all Huon. See latest post.


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