Monday, July 9, 2012

New Guinea Rosewood Pens

A few years ago I was given a nice length of New Guinea Rosewood at a meeting of Cumberland Woodworkers, approx 60x25x1500 long. No one else wanted it! comments such as its unattractive, will have to much silica in it, its not big enough to make anything out of came to my ears. It was thrust into my hands to take home, otherwise it would have become firewood at the presidents home.

 I decided that  I could get a matching pair if cut side by side. I marked each set a number of ways so not to confuse matters. Drilled to size then the brass tubes sanded and glued. I have a small rack which easily accommodates them while working through the stages of gluing, turning, sanding and finishing. It also when you take note of which is which keeps them as a pair and matched set.

Well Bill and others here's just a sample of this beautiful piece of waste timber, thanks goes to Bob Meaher for bringing it in in the first place. I have another two to put together and another eight already drilled ready for future pens.

The pen kits are Baron II Roller and Fountain Pen from Timberbits these have pentagon faceted nib area.They come with Smick roller ball and a common fountain pen refill, the fountain pen also comes with a syringe style refill if the need to change colour from standard black to blue is required.

 The above photos were all taken outdoors full sun no colour correction. I have tried to capture the true colour indoors but having trouble in doing so without use of lights which of course changes the colour again. The following photos were taken no flash, dull window light only.

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