Monday, July 9, 2012

Oranges & Lemons

Winter has slowed me down somewhat this year and kept me in doors for a few days. Its not all bad winter brings new things come spring just a month away.

Sue as always busy doing much including cooking winter type foods and such. Chicken pies, Cornbeef pie, Steak and Kidney, cakes and biscuits.

Neighbours have been very generous with the fruits off their orange, lemon and mandarin trees. Of course we can't eat them all so Sue makes batches of Lemon Butter and Marmalade, even a Whisky Marmalade or preserved lemons which goes into other delicious dishes.
This batch plus a further 13 or so jars will be going to a Country Fair 14th October at Mater Dei Camden  

The ladies from Fairfield Spinners Weavers and Dyers have been attending and demonstrating their craft for some years and will be attending again this year.

Of course the old nursery rhyme Oranges and Lemons always comes to mind.

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