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The Pen a little History

noun /ˈpenCHənt/ 
penchants, plural
A strong or habitual liking for something or tendency to do something
  • - he has a penchant for adopting stray dogs (my thoughts this would be a better past time)
1665–75;  < French,  noun use of present participle of pencher  to incline, lean < Vulgar Latin *pendicāre,  derivative of Latin pendēre  to hang

When I started turning everyone said "turn pens" the reason was their thoughts on my capabilities. 
My thoughts were "bugger off!! I am disabled not stupid". So at that stage back in 2008 I left pen turning to Sue who by the way has sold more pens than myself she turned about 15 Slimlines mostly have been given away as presents.

My mistake, I am both!! I got into to turning pens & workshop pencils by default. 
Here's how it happened.
At a Sydney Woodworking show a young friend asked me to make a Workshop pencil.

Later on
Sue was working fibers of silk and Alpaca and couldn't turn due to the roughness of her hands and trying to work the fine fibers when spinning, weaving and knitting. Belinda our daughter wanted a fountain pen, she had requested Sue make it. As above she was making fine garments, so I stepped in and believe me its fraught with (as describe in the definition of pen-chant).  So I turn the occasional pen/s, pencil's so what "I can stop anytime I like".

I have long been a lover of fine crafted pens by such makers as Parker or Sheaffer Pens, Faber Castell. This site and I have no connection with them, lists a number of world renown pen manufacturers. Even Ornamental Turners turn pens and decorate them often called Guillouche as seen here in this video.

Some people, and there are a large number collect them. Me I used to find them, still have a few I found down the sides or behind the seats in vehicles I used to drive (had to clean the buses and coaches as well). Yes they were handed in to the office and as law allows after a period they became mine, "Finder Keepers". Often they would sit on the dash till the next outing of the group so I could hand them back often no takers.

The last pen I was given was by Belinda a real nice looking Parker Pen its still in its box same as the silver brushed chrome at the top in this photo.

Since joining the Woodwork Forum  in particular its pen turning section I have learned much and gained new friends. Many make pens as a  way to fund their hobby of woodwork, others its become an addiction hard to shake.

More to come as I want to show the process of pen making.


Edited 3rd July some fix up required.

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