Tuesday, June 5, 2012

An ornamental Ooopps "Sorry Your Majesty"

The 60th Jubilee is a great and well deserved Honour to the Queen.
To the Duke a speedy recovery.

In browesing news articles and photos I spotted a small oops in Ornamental Turning. The two chairs with finials attached on top, one of which does not match the direction of the other three nor the cut on the very top match the count of cuts.


  1. Hi Ray and Sue, I would be delighted to link to your blog. Looks like we have a similar approach to posting life's activities. Cheers Geoff

    1. Hi Geoff...Monty??
      A little more info on yourself and where you'd be link us to would be nice first.

      Ray & Sue

  2. Hi Ray n Sue, I was responding to the kind message and compliments you left me on one of my posts, here: http://geoffmonty.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/pics-from-echuca-taken-from-steamboat.html
    where you suggested linking the blogs.
    On reading some of your posts, I think there are some shared views and experiences. If you are not keen to cross link it's ok, I already have you bookmarked so I can return from time to time to see what projects you and guys are working on. Cheers for Geoff.

  3. Geoff sorry thought I had replied to this.

    Slow going here to darn cold and windy straight off the snow. You Blog is now linked off ours.


  4. Hi Ray n Sue,
    not so warm here in Geelong either. Crated a link from here too. Cheers Geoff.


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