Saturday, June 2, 2012

Jacarranda Down

A couple of years ago some hoons did me a big favour in the early hours, further up the street and round the bend. They not only put the car sideways into a Jaccaranda tree and knocked it over but the owner of the home then took to it with a chainsaw from the roots up as it had been so badly bold over. All bits were left on the sidewalk for weeks maybe a couple of months. Sue kept asking if I wanted it my reply " yes but no where to put it". Then the morning Belinda & John were getting married she said that it was still there and being August/winter someone would use it for firewood. Thats all it took she came back with the back of the car full. I shared a number of pieces with freinds keeping a fair bit for myself including the large root ball.

Well these are two of the branch sections 6"x9" and 6"x10

 The smaller of the two showing grain

 The 2nd larger with the void and grain, it was a choice of loosing the void to make the vase shape.

 4 sides showing the grain of both pieces.

Now to make a large steady rest suitable to hold the neck while I turn the end grain and hollow them out.

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