Friday, August 12, 2011

Just in Time

Both Sue and I have been busy (nothing new you say) well the need to get some items finished for us both saw us battling the weather, cold and flu's.

Sue knitting a shawl for Michealla who was attending a Masonic Lodge event with her grandfather Kevin Foster. Sue spent 4 days to complete it finishing it with 3 days to spare.

Sue was also weaving a scarf which, Dot a friend had claimed as she liked the colour.

Mean while for Christians 3rd birthday I was trying to complete a jig saw clock.
Trying to do this in 8C temps out in the workshop was no fun my hands shaking with the cold. Even with a fan heater going I could only spend about an hour at a time my feet and legs were also freezing. Laminated ply and Cedar hands, plus a 2nd one as a spare with numerals and face painted on.