Thursday, October 31, 2013

Stylus Sierra Pearl and Paua Shell

Belinda called around on the weekend and was using some little pointy thing as a stylus for her phone I suggested she'd be better off using a pen. Yes it cam out wrong but an explanation sorted that and soon she had herself a new Sierra Stylus Pearl shell and also assembled a Paua shell as well.

This is a marriage of two suppliers 043turning supplied the blank's (the shell) while Timberbits supplied the Stylus kits both of which I have had for some months.

A Christmas Hamper

Sue was asked to make up some things to fill a Christmas Hamper for a gift. A family traditional Christmas cake and jars of Cumquat Marmalade, Cumquat's and a Lemon Chutney, Lemon Butter, Mustard Pickles, Fruit Chutney and Orange Marmalade. Lor supplied the oven mitts and tea towels all placed into a large hat box.


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Back Log

Over time I have done a number of works which were having a play with scrap or some Ornamental Turning pieces done at demo's when I was with the OTGA, these were never completed. Bases not  turned off, sanding not done and no finish applied, I had accumulated a small box of these and it was taking up space let alone bugging me they were not completed.

This is just a few which over the last few weeks have now been finished, I just wish the weather was a little better to have done more, with high and low temp's then winds up to 90k's Wipe On Polly just didn't behave.

The two large Jacaranda vases are yet o be sprayed when the wind and fires around Sydney stop blowing dust and ash about.
After sanding prior finish

 Camphor small dry flower vase natural mouth shape of the cut from the small branch.

 No 2 Camphor again from a small branch with mouth left the shape of the cut.

 A Bud Vase which has a medical vile inserted. Unknown stem timber and base is Bottle Brush.

 Above Camphor I'll call it a Dice Shaker.

Below an Ornamented Camphor lidded ring box.

 An English Oak body, Western Red Cedar top and Jarrah base lidded box the light coloured piece was an in fill for a hole which was in the Cedar.

Above an Ornamental Turned lidded ring box Jarrah and Jacaranda top and base.

Planking, Board or is that Bored?

A couple of weks ago I arranged to pick up some Magnolia planks for a neighbour from Greg Ward/Boutique Timbers. I had never heard of Magnolia being used before for any woodwork and it was Greg's suggestion these maybe just what was required. So Wayne and I popped over picked them up early one Sunday morning (day after Navy 100 year celebrations so Sydney streets were still quiet).

The planks/boards looked like any other rough sawn but after some work on the edges and Wayne's effort with the belt sander we found what will be an amazing colour hidden.

These are to be blind supported shelves for Wayne & Lor's office, the work will take some time as it weekends only and both Wayne and I have other things on the calendar.

Good job Wayne has a large back covered area it was a warm day, his sturdy fold up table made a great bench. My Hitachi saw working well after 20 years+.

Left the six Rough sawn boards.

Right Wayne trimming edges

 Left Wayne making homage to the Belt sander lords being it is an old Millars Falls all metal case belt sander.

A short time latter the Magnolia reveled its hidden colour.

Once the job is completed I will post the finished work.

We both had a top day sharing and generally getting stuck in and getting as far as we could.

Monday, October 14, 2013

38 Years and a Sharing Weekend

Friday 11th Oct was Sue and my 38th Anniversary like most Friday's a busy one for Sue a quiet dinner together at home to celebrate. The rest of the weekend however was full on.

Saturday 12th

We attended the Campbelltown Steam Museum as it had an open weekend which incorporated The Society of Mechanical Organ Enthusiasts what generally are called Organ Grinders, yes there was one there with a monkey stuffed as it was.

Steam and old machines is a shared love between Sue and I the sights sounds and smells, the passion and care going into the restoration of these magnificent old machines which helped shape our world.

Andrew & Dave working hard at the Forge, not often you see a Blacksmith wearing a Top Hat.

 Steam power
ANZAC Biscuit tins 
 Two of the hand built organs.

Yet to be restored traction engines

One restored and painted they stand out.

In the background the amazing old and new tunes being played on the Organs as we strolled around. I have taken video as soon as I have it edited I will try post some here.
By 2pm temp had risen to 35C so we made for home and a cool spot.

Sunday 13th
Mater Dei Fete.

Fairfield Spinners have been involved for many years at Mater Dei Fete at Camden this year foru of the ladies spent the day spinning and showing how they turn fibre into wool. Peggy, Michael, Veronica and Sue, I tag along as its a great day out.
The day itself for the guild wasn't a profitable one but its not what they go for its to spread the knowledge of the art of spinning and weaving.