Sunday, October 20, 2013

Back Log

Over time I have done a number of works which were having a play with scrap or some Ornamental Turning pieces done at demo's when I was with the OTGA, these were never completed. Bases not  turned off, sanding not done and no finish applied, I had accumulated a small box of these and it was taking up space let alone bugging me they were not completed.

This is just a few which over the last few weeks have now been finished, I just wish the weather was a little better to have done more, with high and low temp's then winds up to 90k's Wipe On Polly just didn't behave.

The two large Jacaranda vases are yet o be sprayed when the wind and fires around Sydney stop blowing dust and ash about.
After sanding prior finish

 Camphor small dry flower vase natural mouth shape of the cut from the small branch.

 No 2 Camphor again from a small branch with mouth left the shape of the cut.

 A Bud Vase which has a medical vile inserted. Unknown stem timber and base is Bottle Brush.

 Above Camphor I'll call it a Dice Shaker.

Below an Ornamented Camphor lidded ring box.

 An English Oak body, Western Red Cedar top and Jarrah base lidded box the light coloured piece was an in fill for a hole which was in the Cedar.

Above an Ornamental Turned lidded ring box Jarrah and Jacaranda top and base.


  1. Hi Ray, I recon I have a box full of those half turned bits as well, but unlikely that they will come up as nice as yours. The figure in the camphor pieces is fabulous. Cheers Geoff.

  2. You just keep playing with your planes and boats Geoff then one day out of the blue you'll finish those items.



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