Monday, October 14, 2013

38 Years and a Sharing Weekend

Friday 11th Oct was Sue and my 38th Anniversary like most Friday's a busy one for Sue a quiet dinner together at home to celebrate. The rest of the weekend however was full on.

Saturday 12th

We attended the Campbelltown Steam Museum as it had an open weekend which incorporated The Society of Mechanical Organ Enthusiasts what generally are called Organ Grinders, yes there was one there with a monkey stuffed as it was.

Steam and old machines is a shared love between Sue and I the sights sounds and smells, the passion and care going into the restoration of these magnificent old machines which helped shape our world.

Andrew & Dave working hard at the Forge, not often you see a Blacksmith wearing a Top Hat.

 Steam power
ANZAC Biscuit tins 
 Two of the hand built organs.

Yet to be restored traction engines

One restored and painted they stand out.

In the background the amazing old and new tunes being played on the Organs as we strolled around. I have taken video as soon as I have it edited I will try post some here.
By 2pm temp had risen to 35C so we made for home and a cool spot.

Sunday 13th
Mater Dei Fete.

Fairfield Spinners have been involved for many years at Mater Dei Fete at Camden this year foru of the ladies spent the day spinning and showing how they turn fibre into wool. Peggy, Michael, Veronica and Sue, I tag along as its a great day out.
The day itself for the guild wasn't a profitable one but its not what they go for its to spread the knowledge of the art of spinning and weaving.


  1. Thanks Geoff although I have been warned to many tools and to much wood calling Sue away to assist me could end up in divorce. Or at least me sleeping in the workshop. LOL



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