Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pen Display Case

Its taken a while to do this but its now done thanks to Sue's effort in cutting the material's sewing and putting up with changes we both saw which were required.

The case was given to me by our next door neighbour it housed felt tip pens from the pre-school she worked at. Its about the size of A2 paper each side, its light construction but deep enough for the pens. The new insert is plastic core board like used for Real Estate signs this was purchased from Bunnings Hardware, not cheap mind you.

A layer of Polar Fleece to give some padding, glued to the board, after the elastic was sewn on to the velveteen it was also glued wrapping the edges behind. The whole board was then glued into the case. Black ribbon was used around the inside edge to give a better look and two pieces used to stop the case opening to far if standing or laid down flat in the open position. The Red velveteen is smooth one way but not the other making it easy to put the pens in yet a little harder to remove them.

The elastic has been sewn in a way to be strong enough to support and hold the variety of pen sizes in place. It has a total of 120 spaces but will only hold about 70/80 comfortably this depends on Pen sizes.

 Here you can see the box has small locks to keep it closed and carry handles of fine leather

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  1. Great job Ray and Sue. The pens display very well against the red velvet background.


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