Monday, September 30, 2013

First go at Milling on The Myford

I set up the vertical mill on the ML7 for the first time so I could try rescue the rouge T-nuts from the set I bought see this post on Myford T-Nuts . This was a case of teaching myself set up procedures, use of mill/drill cutters as well as speed and feed rates for best results.

Each T-nut had to be done individually all twelve of them as not one was the same it was a slow task but I did learn a lot while doing them. The right way to have the tool enter the material for cutting the face as well as the L section.
I found the gib needed adjusting on the vertical mill as well as on the cross slide as a little vibration was noticed.

Out of the twelve sorry that should be eleven as one of the kits was missing one, I have at least nine which I will use one thread area was breaking through the side even prior me trying to clean them up to fit.

That magnetic P-plate was a time saver in cleaning up.

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