Sunday, September 22, 2013

An Afternoon in a Cemetery.

Over the last few weeks Sue and I have attended two funeral's one of a long term friends  19 years old son and the other a friend from the Ornamental Turners Group I was a member of. These fellows will sadly be missed.

To get an invite to attend a third cemetery for an exhibition of works by various Artists and Sculptors was an opportunity not to be missed.
The invite came from Mark Aylward a Sculptor and Furniture Maker who is The Solid Wood Furniture Company .
 Along with Helen his partner who runs Helen Stronach Archietects together worked on their combined project to enter it into HIDDEN which is held at Sydney''s Rookwood Cemetery.

I/we have been to openings at galleries and had time strolling through gave yards admiring head stones reading life stories on them and the history of those departed but not the two combined and to be given a guided tour by the two artists was a delight along with meeting more of their friends.

Here is a sample of the works as we saw them.

Mark & Helen's entry "In Living Memory"

Mark the one who requires reformatting and new install.

Left  A sheet steel Cuppie Dolls Head.

Right - fore ground Cherubs. Rear Glass swinging door portal to another world.

The Winner logs with motel glass on top.

Rookwood is not Sydney's oldest cemetery yet it has an incredible hidden view of Sydney skyline, its mass of old graves tree's and its setting could have a photographer busy for weeks.
In 1792 the main burial ground for the colony was established on a site which is now occupied by the Sydney Town Hall and St Andrew’s Cathedral, until it became full and a new cemetery was established near the brick-fields, known as the Sandhills or Devonshire Street cemetery. However, by the 1840’s, this too began to run out of space and so the search began for another, much larger site for a cemetery.

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