Monday, September 16, 2013

Antique Machinery

On Sunday we ventured out to Clarendon in the Haweksbury area for a day presented by Sydney Antique Machinery Club Inc. This was a two day display by many groups far and wide who brought their trucks, cars, tractors, steam engines, chains saws, even a couple of buses and motor bikes. A great day out for the whole family entry was very reasonable at $7 across the board entry. Well laid out easy access to see almost eveyrthing some of the trucks were parked a little to close for a wheelchair to fit between.
This day had everything for myself to see Sue enjoys the machines.

Timber being cut using a belt driven saw the green table tilts towards the blade and cross cuts they were cutting up old fence plalings and fire wood. On the back of the green truck they were splitting the logs length wise.

Steam boiler being loaded.

 Selection of trucks

Kids fun the drag bucket is remote controled

 Stationary Engines, mobile for ease of transporting.
 Chainsaws and Axes

 Cutting slabs of Camphor Laurel

 Phillip from Pioneer Bush Furniture and his little chainsaw.

Tables of tools for sale

Remote control trucks for kids or all ages to try.


 I couldn't resist and scored two slabs of the Camphor Laural off Phillip, one 40mm x 1300 x 600 the other narrower is the cambian out edge this was cut up today for bowl blanks etc. The camphor still very wet and a beaut aromor mow permiates the garage.

Found this little Gents saw

Rubber Tired Traction Engine

Steam Roller

Belt driven drill press.

The Atlantean was a hit for rides.

In for the long haul one prime mover and six trailers.

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