Saturday, August 31, 2013

When Strange Noises are Heard

During the sanding of the Steady rest I heard a strange noise from the drive area of the Bench Drill. A quick check and I could see a tightening of the V belts was in order but didn't do it.

When drilling the angle for the steady the chuck grabbed and stopped spinning, that was it time to do the necessary maintenance. I guess I was very lucky as when I loosened off the motor the front and rear pulley grub screws had come loose and the rear belt had de-laminated. 

The grub screws was an easy fix with requirement to lengthen the flat area on the motor shaft to allow the pulley to drop further down and into better alignment. The drill press was second hand and I had had it for some time without any trouble.

The new belts were obtained from BCS Bearings and Belts at Moorebank fitted and now running much quieter and  smoother.

The damaged belts
 The new ones fitted

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