Thursday, August 8, 2013

Getting A Handle On It

A few years ago I was made a tool for deep hollowing by an old engineer Ted Edwards. Ted was a founding member of Cumberland Woodies at Blacktown in Western Sydney. Ted had used a Stainless piece 16mm and approx 500mm long, he then ground half of the end of the shaft away allowing a flat surface to fit a Carbide Cup cutter which is approx 10mm dia.

I never got around to fitting a handle to this in the last 5 years it does an excellent job when it comes to hollowing and a nice finish can be obtained.

Back on April 27th I had an opportunity to go up to Newcastle to the Woodturners Of The Hunter club and see an excellent world class demonstration by Rolly Munro.
From 9am till 5pm that day I was glued to my seat watching him with his well designed tools their uses and his artistic talent. A great day.

The Hunter club put on an excellent spread at lunch time so good we only needed a light dinner when we got home. Meal consisted of  cold meats, hot chicken legs, and lots of good healthy salad. All this had been organised by Paul Brinkley a true Wood Nut.

indulged myself  in buying two of Rolly Munro's round Carbide tools smaller than the one Ted had made.

I got side tracked told you I had to "get a handle On It"

Again no handle so as the needs of the handle to suit myself the diameter of the tool handle in particular it was best to make one. I had a piece of ideal Aluminium tube at home I had scored from a road side clean up. This was off a kids Pogo Stick, I stripped it down kept almost everything as it was a quality item and material. 
The main shaft I had envisioned to use as the handle for the tool Ted Edwards had made. The shaft Ted made being 16mm and Rolly's 19mm didn't pose a problem as I could turn down and drill the two insert holders for each end. 
Drill and tap M4 and M8 HT hex bolts to hold the 19mm dia insert in place on one end, on the other end I decided to use the aluminium clamp as well as an M8 HT hex bolt to secure the 16mm shaft end. I do have a quick release but I feel the physical size and possibility any slight knock of the leaver would have it come undone.  The tube is approx 500mm long and 25mm diameter.

I have yet to test the tools out in the new handle will post a report when I do.

This is similar to all three Carbide tips.
Machining one of the inserts

M8 hole drilled and view of the clamp

M4 holes drilled and tapped these hold the insert in as the clamp on this end will be removed

Rolly Munro tool inserted

Close up

Test fit of the Ted Edwards 16mm dia shaft
  I had to ream out this end as a bur had been created when drilling and tapping not allowing the shaft to slide right through the insert.
All drilled and fitted
 Some shots from Rolly Munro's demonstration back in April.

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