Friday, August 30, 2013

Myford ML7 T-Nuts

Recently I purchased a clamping set from RDG-Tools UK  as well as a number of other items, everything else was all in fine order but the clamping set T-nuts were not.
One was missing and none of the T-nuts would fit the T-slots on the Myford ML7, an email to RDG - Tools had them send a 2nd clamping set out at their cost along with a couple more things I ordered. Once again the T-nuts although a complete set would not fit the slots. Photos below.

Ken a good friend had some time up his sleeve so he offered to make two lengths which made sixteen T-Nuts, using the nice big Bridgeport mill he has access to. This was a great time saver for me as I was on doing other things and then the flu etc hit knocking me  off my feet for a few weeks.
The T-Nut length prior drilling
Drilled and marked ready to be cut.

Cutting in the 4x6 metal bandsaw approx 1" lengths.
Using T-Nuts to keep the  vice level as well as a block to allow clearance of  the vice and the blade guide. I will have to one day take about 1/4" off the vice side of the blade guide block as it interferes with the vice jaw constantly when at close quaters.

The T-Nuts cut.
Test fit in comparison to the one from RDG Tools.

Below and left front of shot are the black metal cast T-Nuts from RDG-Tools they are made in India note the swept up slide edge and thickness of the lower section compared to those Ken made which fit.
The photo below shows the variety of faults from drilled and tapped holes which were not centred. The variety of shapes of the bottom slide area.

 Side by side left the RDG supplied T-Nut and the one Ken made which fits. Note the black one behind upside down which has chambered  lower edges while others were rounded.

Many thanks Ken there's nothing like true Englishman made even if it was made here in Australia for quality and fit.

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