Thursday, April 16, 2020

Catch Up Time

Four months have gone by and a great deal has happened in that time not just for us but the world.

January saw the temperature rise to 42C and slow all manner of workshop to a stand still at times. Sue struggling to do all she could as her hip operation got closer. Two days a week with us going to the Hydrotherapy and physio for me.

Sue's operation date at last arrives, bedlam as we are let down the day before by my support worker, thank goodness we had organised with the company to have a second person should anything go wrong. Bel & John arrived the day prior Sue being allowed home four days after surgery.

February still hot top of 30's but rain we had rain, grass green again, plants thriving. Sue recovering daily.

Then came March by which time the world was awake to the Pandemic in China and soon to be spread around the globe. Me with a UTI and chest infection but dodging Corona.

April and due to lock down, isolation etc etc we miss seeing Peter & athan who were due to arrive to race their RC's at Brendale.

So as recovery for us both came about we slowly did some things.

My first job on the new Mill a 18 tooth ratchet cog for Dee the old one falling to bits as I removed one.
Acquired some round bar stock aluminium 6061

 Drawing done and blanks cut and machined to size.
 Machine up an arbour to mount the two blanks on

Set up the rotary table and arbour, using a Dovetail cutter.
This would normally be cut on the far side so that the cutter traversed toward the chuck.

Oh the joy of having power feed on the cross table.

 Right & Below left the ratchet gear pair mounted.

Below Right the two cogs ready to fit. 

Left cogs fitted.

Right one of the old Nylon cogs and below it fitted new cog.

When Bel & John had been up a few days I got John to take me to pick up some more Aluminium of cuts I had organised from an engineering shop. Round 5058 25mmx80mm dia. Odd shaped 6061 x25mm thick with possibility of accessing more.

Sue did a lot of reading at first, slowly walking more each day. Finally after Bel & John left for home Sue started to do more as she was bored. We could not have done without Bel & John being here thanks to you both.

Sue made this neat little key fob for herself.

Sue is also on making these I believe for a quilt.

Her passion for cooking returned, sausage rolls, these are just small one the big one put away for cooler weather. Vanilla Slice and Sourer dough.

Just as Covid was making its voice heard here we got to attend the Hare & Forbes 3 day sale, well ok Thursday morning anyway. great displays below from QLDSMEE and QMAC.

The Park had not been maintained by council for some three months.
 Adam and Hanna next door had advised us that the Paper Bark tree was to be removed so they could have a new carport put in as well as roots had made there way into drains.
It had provided much privacy and shade on our driveway, as well as food for the birds when in flower. It also caused gutters to block around the eves as well as sinus/hay fever for myself during its blooming period.
Still I ended up with some of the timber to use.

Left prior the removal.

 These guys are the same company who removed the Gum tree 2 years ago.

 What it looks like now.
Oh and my stash.

The rain brought out strange mushrooms these in the front garden. The others in Sue's boxes on the patio.
 Sue created a new garden of Marigolds, dug over and weeded the back garden which had grass through it also.

 Her cotton plant towering over the fence.

Our sledge hammer handle was so loose i made a new one using Crows Ash, I found this timber great to work but sadly it is my nemesis respitory wise causing an chest infection.

 It was time to take down the Record 044 plough plane from the shelf that friend Ian sent over from Yorkshire with Lyn. Time for a clean up and restoration to working condition, not that it could not be used as it was. The surface very fine rust and dis-colourisation as well as all blades needed honing again only two needed re-grinds.

Surface rust removed along with some flaking chrome on the handle grip. Not a large plane as can be seen with the ruler but great for producing rebates as it comes with a selection of sized blades.  Unfortunate the decals were removed while rust removal sharping and honing. 


 The Jig Borer also got some attention but awaiting Hook or C-Spanners from Bathurst has become complex as I somehow addressed the delivery wrong (how does one do that??). The parcel was returned by well meaning neighbours who didn't know our surname and had not long moved in.

 Thats about it for now, please "Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay in Touch with family and friends"

Updated Sunday 19th April

Ooops left a few things out that I'd been up to.

Made some new bobbins for Sue's flax wheel none came with it used NSW Rosewood three in all. Also repaired the broken orifice on the flyer originally bone, ivory or antler and as I had antler I went with that.

Made twenty two Inkle Loom shuttles Camphor and NSW Rosewood, trying a new style as well on some.

  While at Hare & Forbes sale I picked up a new Coolant pipe kit 1/2" not the 3/8" mill is fitted with which is to short. Now installed and much longer. Inserted a reducer to the tip also as had been done to the old one. I can now manoeuvrer the piping right round and to any angle.

Current project 4 Machinist Jacks material is from an old hydraulic ram cut to 40mm high by 38mm dia these are a work in progress all drilled to take an M10 thread ready to tap.