Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Its just a Bump to the Left and Bump to the Right

It could have been a horror story.

Its done my Dewhusrt type Forward Reverse switch is fitted and running.

I had to call Ken to give me a hand to fit two Jarrah rising blocks I had made to raise the ML7 up so wiring could fit under the lathe out of the bottom of the Dewhurst switch.
Thanks Ken.

I had to call on a fellow forum member or two Paul and Tony both electrically minded to take on the job. Tony works with electrical all day and he took over totally and completed the job after they had worked out the motor and switch were compatible and would work. That was one days worth.

Tony returned a fortnight latter to re-wire motor to switch as scorching had happened at the motor end and at the relay end. Replace the relay with a new connector 25amp, wire up the Dewhurst switch using 3phase cable, wire that to switch and motor. Tony also fitted a new box for all to snugly fit into, mount the main On/Off switch and a new bracket fitted to mount the whole lot to the stand.

Tony did a brilliant truly professional job thanks heaps Tony.

The Motor is a Hoover not the normal Compton parkinson
The Dewhurst switch is a Kelly an Australian brand marked on top as Reverse to left Forward to right, Tony wired it so it is Forward to the left and Reverse to the right which I required.

Below are photos of the motor type, inside cover of the wire schematics and the inside motor wiring.

Below the relay which Paul found two wires fell off with no assistance at all, also found the scourch on the side. One pin snapped the other lead fell off the pin. 

 Paul & Tony he's the one down doing all the hard yakka doing pre-testing wiring.

 I had to make a spacer to allow fitting of the Dewhurst switch this fit behind the case and mounts to the cast of the bed allowing room behind the switch and clearance of the leadscrew.

Tony measuring up the new mounting bracket and the switch box mounted and part wired up.

The 3phase cable for the F/R switch.

All mounted and secure. Works a dream, the Dewhurst switch stop in central position to full stop pressing Main STOP disengages all power.

Tony's wire schematic below

Tony brought along his beautiful daughter Beth who sat and read most of the day, come lunch time Beth helped Sue make Pizza for lunch. It went down well thanks Beth & Sue.